Tag Powers

Tag Powers are when 2 COs are in use in a battle and you both use CO Power. It allows you to have two turns in a battle.

[edit] Usage

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, when both of your available COs have their Super CO Power, the Tag option will appear on the menu. Using the Tag option will activate your two COs Super Powers at the same time. The CO currently being used will use their Super CO Power first and then, instead of the end option, the switch option appears on the menu. After using the switch option, your Current CO will switch and the second CO will activate their Super Power. Before the power is activated, all units on the map will regain their ability to take an action and move.

[edit] Pairings

Certain COs, such as Colin and Sasha, will gain an extra attack boost when using their Tag Power. COs of the same army but without any pairing stars will gain a 5% boost, unlike the 10-30% COs with pairings have. Von Bolt will always have a -10% boost with any CO.

[edit] Notes

When using Eagle and another CO's tag power, make sure Eagle initiates his power. Eagle's Super Power of being able to make units move again is useless if he is the CO being swapped to.

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