Super CO Power

Super CO powers where introduced in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and drastically changed the way the series played out.

Often being stronger then regular CO powers, they give you the choice of waiting for them instead of using the regular power. Saving up the Super CO Power in Advance Wars: Dual Strike lets you use a Tag Power when both of your COs have a full Super meter.

List Of Super CO Powers

Orange Star

Andy "Hyper Upgrade"

Max "Max Blast"

Sami "Victory March"

Jake "Block Rock"

Rachel "Covering Fire"

Nell "Lady Luck"

Hachi "Merchant Union"

Blue Moon

Olaf "Winter Fury"

Grit "Super Snipe"

Colin "Power of Money"

Sasha "War Bonds"

Yellow Comet

Kanbei "Samurai Spirit"

Sonja "Counter Break"

Sensei "Airborne Assault"

Grimm "Haymaker"

Green Earth

Eagle "Lightning Strike"

Drake "Tsunami"

Jess "Overdrive"

Javier "Tower of Power"

Black Hole

Flak "Barbaric Blow"

Lash "Prime Tactics"

Adder "Sidewinder"

Hawke "Black Storm"

Sturm "Meteor Strike"

Jugger "System Crash"

Koal "Trail Of Woe"

Kindle "High Society"

Von Bolt "Ex Machina"

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