Sniper! (Advanced)

Sniper! (Advanced) links here. For the Normal Campaign version of this mission, Click Here.

Sniper! (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
2 Tanks
3 Artillery
4 Rockets
2 Anti-Air
2 Missiles
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
11 (2 Orange Star, 7 Blue Moon, 2 Neutral)

If you chose Max for Max Strikes this is your introduction to Fog of War in the Advanced Campaign. If you chose Andy for Max Strikes! then the first Fog of War mission in the Advanced Campaign would be Olaf's Navy! (Advanced).

Also, this is the first Mission in the Advanced Campaign in which either Commander can take command on the same map. On the other route Olaf's Navy is also the first mission in which either Commander can take command on that map.

Max still gives Grit an earful for leaving Orange Star and joining Blue Moon after the mission.

Rout all enemy forces or Capture the HQ to beat Grit, but be careful about that Fog--it's even tougher to navigate than before!

[edit] Intel

Sniper! (Advanced) is the fifth mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. Either Andy or Max can take command for this Mission and both have their advantages over the other. Andy will be able to use Indirect Combat Units better than Max, but Max's Direct Combat Units will be able to hit harder, and Grit only has four Units that can effectively attack Air Units.

However, the number of Air Units that you have to use has been reduced, as has your overall force when compared to the Normal Campaign version of this mission. While Grit has a small Units advantage of 15 to 12, that margin could get widened in a hurry should you stop within range of an Indirect Combat Unit, or if an Air Unit stops within range of an Anti-Air.

[edit] Strategy

Strategy coming soon, but in the meantime the map below shows where enemy units are positioned at the start of the battle.

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