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Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Easy
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
1 Tank
1 Recon
4 Artillery
3 Rockets
1 Anti-Air
2 Missiles
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
11 (2 Orange Star, 7 Blue Moon, 2 Neutral)

This is the first Fog of War mission of the Campaign if you chose Max for Max Strikes. If you chose Andy for Max Strikes! then the first Fog of War mission in the Campaign would be Olaf's Navy!.

Also, this is the first Mission in the Campaign in which either Commander can take command on the same map. On the other route Olaf's Navy is also the first mission in which either Commander can take command on that map.

Max gives Grit an earful for leaving Orange Star and joining Blue Moon after the mission.

Rout all enemy forces or Capture the HQ to beat Grit, but be careful about that Fog!

[edit] Intel

Sniper! is the fifth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Either Andy or Max can take command for this Mission and both have their advantages over the other. Andy will be able to use Indirect Combat Units better than Max, but Max's Direct Combat Units will be able to hit harder, and Grit only has three Units that can effectively attack Air Units.

You have a slight advantage in number of Units to start this battle (15 to 13), but the Fog of War can quickly cut into that advantage, especially if you stop within an Indirect Combat Unit's firing range!

[edit] Strategy

To start this mission you won't be able to see any Enemy Units because they are outside of Vision Range and/or hidden in nearby Forests. However, the AI doesn't exactly play this "by the book" per se: they won't fire at any of your Units that are hidden in Forests and Reefs, but anything else that is within movement or firing range will get fired at whether it should be able to or not.

Recons are a must-have for these missions, and Sniper! is no exception. If you move your rear Recon into the farthest Forest that it can move into, you'll receive an alert that will expose an enemy Infantry Unit and three other Units. You'll need to defeat it in order to hide one of your Units there, but you will have also inadvertently put your own Recon into danger. A couple attacks will take the Unit out and claim the location.

Max will be able to take this Unit out with one attack from the Medium Tank; park it in the woods to keep it safe. Send the front Recon into another forest to reveal more territory. Use one of the B Copters to attack the Tank or Artillery that is within attack and vision range. The other T Copter can drop a Mech (recommended) into the Mountains on the other side to expand vision range further and reveal a Missiles Unit. You won't be able to hit it with your other B Copter, but you're out of its firing range. However, by hitting the Tank from the North you'll be out of the Missile's firing range while staying within range of it with a B Copter.

Don't forget to move Infantry and Mechs into Mountains to expand your Vision; also be wary of hidden Rockets, Artillery and Missiles Strikes. The below map shows where every Blue Moon Unit starts; if you lose your Air Units you won't able to take out the two Units on the other side of the water, forcing you to try and capture his HQ.

If you lose all your Infantry and Air Units before defeating the two Indirect Combat Units on the other side you'll want to Yield to restart the battle.

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