Olaf's Navy!

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Olaf's Navy!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
HQ Capture: Moderately Easy
Rout: Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Tanks
1 Rockets
3 Battleships
3 Cruisers
3 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
11 (4 Orange Star, 4 Blue Moon, 3 Neutral)

This is the first mission in which the result will determine what happens next. If you capture Olaf's HQ without destroying his Navy, the next mission you'll play is Sami's Debut! If you destroy his Navy, you'll battle Olaf next in Olaf's Sea Strike!


[edit] Intel

Olaf's Navy! is the sixth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Olaf is out to crush Orange Star, and he's assembled an entire Armada to do just that. However, he didn't deploy any Infantry or Mechs, so you won't have your HQ Captured.

You're greatly outnumbered at sea, but if you move North you'll be able to get out of the firing range of Olaf's Navy. Naval Units won't be able to go under Bridges in this game, a hindrance to your navy but a help to get away from his.

A HQ Capture is easier, and while it is hard to take out Olaf's Navy there are rewards for doing just that.

[edit] Strategy

[edit] HQ Capture

Immediately start moving your Ground Units North if you don't want to deal with Olaf's Navy. This will get your Ground Units in a better position, away from his Battleship's range. Still, don't forget to Dive your Submarine and move your Battleship to the Reef that is three spaces south of it to keep them safe.

The Infantry won't get North very quick so get a Mech onto the nearby APC to get it moving in the right direction. Use a Flying Column [Medium Tank, Artillery, Rockets] to hold the Northern Bridge, but watch the South for any oncoming Tanks!

There is a Rockets Unit hidden in the Woods near Olaf's HQ on the Northern End, so be cautious as you approach it. Capture the HQ to send Olaf packing!

[edit] Rout: Sinking Olaf's Navy

This isn't easy and may take a few tries to pull off, but if you do you'll access another mission immediately following this, along with selecting one of your two Commanders for The Final Battle.

Andy is generally the better choice between him and Max because trying to sink Olaf's Navy relies heavily on Indirect Combat. It can be done with Max, but it'll be harder due to smaller firing ranges that his Indirect Combat Units have.

The biggest difference here in where your Units move are your Lander, Submarine, Artillery and Rockets. Move your Lander one space East and two spaces North. This time the Lander will be used for the purposes of acting as a decoy, and Infantry and Mechs will be in the Mountains to help with vision.

You'll want to keep your Artillery and Rockets in the Forests until the three Battleships are destroyed. Once that happens, you'll want to lure everything else out of hiding. This can be done by moving the Battleship, generally moved two spaces South of your Artillery. Move the Rockets to the Shoal one space to its west.

Watch on this turn as here they come. One of the Submarines will fire, but if things went well in the Ground Battle (see above), you should have your Power Meter full. After hurting the Submarines with your Indirect Combat Units, you can set up the bait to lure the Cruisers in. Park a Submarine next to one of his to draw them out as Andy, or wait until all Submarines are sunk to draw them out as Max by Surfacing your Submarine after all of his are sunk.

Either way, once drawn in open fire with your Indirect Combat Units and Sink his Cruisers to finish off Olaf's Navy! If you have to Surface your Sub as Max, be sure to have it Dive again to hide it from his Cruisers.

Inconceivable! My beautiful navy has been destroyed! You... you villains! Now you'll have to face Olaf's Sea Strike! -- Olaf

Olaf calls Orange Star the villains? He might want to take a good, long look in the mirror before he throws that word around! Anyway, the destruction of his Navy ensures that you'll have one more battle against Olaf in Olaf's Sea Strike!

Below is how the map starts off if there wasn't any Fog of War:

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