Naval Clash! (Max)

Naval Clash! (Max)
Navalclash m.png

Captain Drake!->Naval Clash! (Max)->Wings of Victory!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout in 15 Days or Less
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
1 Mech
4 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
1 Rockets
3 Battleships
1 Cruiser
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
12 (2 Orange Star, 6 Green Earth, 4 Neutral)

Continuing on with the Green Earth missions, Nell has a major mission for Max: clear all enemy Units out of the area within 15 Days. The main body of the Green Earth Army is closing in on the location, and you only have 15 Days to Rout the enemy or Capture the HQ!

[edit] Intel

Naval Clash! is the 16th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max's route leads him into another Fog of War mission with a twist: the majority of the Green Earth Army is on their way, and will be there within 15 Days!

Capture his HQ or Rout all enemies to defeat Drake! You've only got 15 Days to complete this mission!

[edit] Strategy

First things first, you'll want to attack the nearby Battleship with your Submarines to sink it. The closer Submarine should attack from the North--it'll take an attack from the South if you attack from there, with the other Submarine coming up to sink it from the West. Line up your Cruiser and Battleship right behind the Submarine, which will look like Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine from left to right.

On land, move your Recon Unit two South and one East, into the Woods. This will reveal Drake's South Battleship; accordingly move your Medium Tank one South and two East with one of your Tanks entering the Woods with the other Tank lining up one space North. Move your Rockets to the City one space North and East of your HQ, with two Infantry (or one Infantry and one Mech) lined up East and South of it.

Watch where Drake has his Submarine Dive. Move a Submarine next to it and Dive, but don't run into it by accident or you won't be able to Dive. Your Cruiser will crush it, allowing your other Submarine a free attack on the Southern Battleship.

How Drake moves his Ground Units is determined by what you do with your Lander. If you don't send any Units to the opposite shore his Ground Units will all circle around to attack you closer to your HQ. If you send over a Mech and an APC loaded with either Infantry or Mech, a Tank will attack the APC. In that instance use your Battleship to damage the Tank and the Mech to finish it off.

However this will also draw another Tank to the area, costing you your APC but leaving that Tank in position to be picked off. Wreck that Tank with both Mechs, and drop your Rockets into the nearby Woods on that shore. This Rockets Unit will be needed to pick off the enemy Rockets Unit, which is within range of yours, along with the Battleship softening up the enemy Cruiser for a Submarine to destroy it.

One Tank Unit will remain close to Green Earth HQ regardless of what you do, and won't move until something gets within its movement range. You can use this to your advantage by drawing it out with one of your Units, then attacking with other Units to destroy it--any combination of Tanks, Medium Tank and/or Battleship fire will bring it down, finishing Drake off!

The battle takes a bit longer if you don't utilize your Lander to draw some of his Units to the West, instead keeping your Ground Units close to your HQ and a short way down the road for defensive purposes. Keeping your Rockets in the woods would be ideal here, as the Rockets will help to soften the Ground Units up. Press the attack once Drake's Medium Tank has been destroyed and the rout will be within sight!

The following map shows where Drake's Units are located at the start of the battle:

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