Naval Clash! (Andy)

Naval Clash! (Andy)
Navalclash a.png

Captain Drake!->Naval Clash! (Andy)->Wings of Victory!
Mission Details
Protect your Missiles Unit for 10 Days
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
4 Battleships
2 Cruisers
3 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
14 (2 Orange Star, 8 Green Earth, 4 Neutral)

Andy is in trouble. He's pinned down by a superior Green Earth force, and to top it all off he has to protect his Missiles Unit for 10 days in this Fog of War mission.

[edit] Intel

Naval Clash! is the 16th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. On Andy's route he runs into a vastly superior force that includes multiple Naval Units under Drake's command.

Nell has reinforcements under her command on their way, but they won't arrive for 10 Days. For that period of time, you must protect your Missiles Unit at all costs!

[edit] Strategy

At the start of the battle, use your Rockets, Submarine and Battleship to take out the enemy Battleship. Move the other Submarine Southeast; Diving is optional on this turn. On Day 2 you'll want to have both Submarines Dive if they haven't done so because here comes Drake's Navy; the Southern Sub and Battleship will want to begin their retreats at this point.

On Day 3 it's time to pick four Units to board your Landers and get them out of that area because Drake will be ready to overrun it! Load your Recon and Missiles onto one Lander, and a Tank and Medium Tank onto the other. Don't lose the Lander that has the Missiles Unit on it or else you'll lose the mission!

Unfortunately, the other two Units won't have a chance at survival, so use your Rockets and Tank to cause some damage, preferably taking a Unit out before they go down! From here, your Submarines and Battleship will also be helping to buy you more time to evacuate your Missiles (among three other Units) to safety. If you choose to attack the Submarine that pulls up to your Submarines on Day 3, save beforehand because if that Submarine isn't destroyed on those two attacks you'll want to reset and try again.

You'll be asking for trouble if your Landers aren't in Reefs on Day 4 because of all the Indirect Combat Units that will be in the areas to the south. Around Day 5 or Day 6 you should be unloading a Lander that will have both a Tank and Medium Tank on board; on Day 7 or Day 8 you should be offloading a Lander that has the Recon and the Target Unit, the Missiles Unit. It is strongly recommended to offload the Missiles into the Woods.

Behind the Landers will be the rest of your Navy provided it hasn't been sunken. Continue to leapfrog your Navy from Reef to Reef, Diving your Submarines when they can't hide in a Reef and having them Rise when they reach a Reef.

If your Missiles Unit is still alive at Day 10 you win! The following map shows where Drake's Units start the battle.

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