Max Strikes! (Max)

Max Strikes! (Max) links here. For the Advanced Campaign version of this mission, Click Here.

Max Strikes! (Max)
Maxstrikes m.png

Air Ace!->Max Strikes! (Max)->Sniper!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
4 Tanks
2 Medium Tanks
2 Artillery
1 Rockets
4 Battleships
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
11 (2 Orange Star, 5 Blue Moon, 4 Neutral)

Introduced prior to this mission is Max, an Orange Star CO who specializes in direct toe-to-toe combat. As powerful as he is with these Units he is weaker with Indirect Combat units with a reduced firing range.

While there aren't any Seaports in this mission, this is the first time in the Campaign in which you get to use Naval Units.

This is also the start of the first branched path of the Campaign. By choosing Max you play this version of Max Strikes!; for Andy's version of Max Strikes! click here.

Capture the HQ or defeat all enemies to stop Olaf cold!

[edit] Intel

Max Strikes! is the fourth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max joins the group before this mission, and in this version of the mission Max is in command.

While both sides start with the same number of Units, Olaf has a firepower advantage, but as Grit points out on Blue Moon's first turn, he isn't well-balanced.

While Andy is impressed with the amount of damage that Max's units do, he points out his flaw with distance weapons, which draws Max's ire before Andy's point gets confirmed by Nell.

[edit] Strategy

At the start of this mission, one Submarine will be able to fire at Olaf's nearest Battleship without having to Dive. The other Submarine should move into range and Dive to avoid getting shot at. Your Battleship will have to move out of the firing range of one of Olaf's Battleships because it isn't in Max's firing range, which is reduced by one space for all his Indirect Combat Units.

On land, your lead Tanks (a Medium Tank and two Tanks) are in range of the same Units that Olaf has. Charge in and open fire, which will do devastating damage to all three Units. Position the rest of your Units closer to the front line on the first day.

The damage that he took on your First Day will allow Olaf to get off a quick Blizzard. Spread the damage around on the Naval front, which should force him to use the Join command to merge Battleships. Keep attacking with Max's Direct Combat Units. They might not merge if your Lander is in firing range, but the distraction it provides will allow you more time to further damage Olaf's Navy.

Keep pushing the advantage you've gained on land and victory is assured--just be careful to avoid walking into an Indirect Combat Unit's firing range and achieving victory won't be a problem.

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