Max's Folly?

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Max's Folly?
Mission Details
Survive 5 Days
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
3 Tanks
6 Artillery
5 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (2 Orange Star, 14 Blue Moon, 0 Neutral)

This mission introduces a new Condition to decide a battle: length of time. Specifically, surviving a certain amount of days to win.

This is also the first mission in which you have to play as one commander; in this case because Max gets angry at Grit. If you chose Max for Max Strikes!, then that mission in which you have only one commander to choose from is History Lesson!

Don't allow your HQ to be Captured or get Routed over a period of 5 Days to win the battle!

[edit] Intel

Grit, you are one arrogant piece of work! -- Max

Max's Folly? is the fifth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Prior to this mission Grit gets under Andy's skin again by calling him Junior, but he really angers Max, forcing you into the toughest spot you've had to face so far. His Infantry are poised to capture your HQ within four days, so you need to get there no matter what.

Grit has a lot of Indirect Combat Units on the battlefield, which only serves to complicate things.

After the mission, Andy and Max put things behind them and start to get along.

[edit] Strategy

One Artillery Unit is already within attack range at the outset; take it out with a Medium Tank so it won't have a chance. There's also a Rockets Unit that is already within range of one of Grit's Artillery, a good opportunity to soften it up.

Your APC and other Indirect Combat Units will be serving as decoys for your advancing Tanks and Medium Tanks. Drop a Mech Northwest of the nearby Rockets Unit to draw its fire, then drive both Artillery within its range (you'll still have enough firepower to take it out on the next turn.

Once the Artillery fires on Day 2, line them up near your Rockets units to draw enemy Artillery and Rockets fire to them when Grit uses Snipe Attack on Day 3 (provided he didn't use his CO Power on Day 2). Day 3 is the day to make the big push; play it right and you'll save your HQ on Day 4, which all but secures the win!

This battle isn't easy and may take a few tries to win.

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