Laser Cannon

The Laser Cannon is a Black Hole Weapon designed by Lash that debuts in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, making its first appearance in the mission Duty & Honor.

This powerful weapon fires a powerful laser Up, Down, Left and Right from where it is stationed, which does 5HP Damage indiscriminately to any units that get caught in the line of fire.

In most missions the Laser Cannon will fire every day, except for Duty & Honor, a mission in which they fire every other day.

Laser Cannons can be attacked directly and will be destroyed after taking 99HP damage.

[edit] Tips

Always be aware of the Laser Cannon's range, and in Duty & Honor, which day it is to avoid being caught in its range.

Laser Cannons can be destroyed by using multiple direct combat units, or Indirect Combat if you don't want to risk them getting blasted (or if there aren't any alternatives).

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