Kanbei's Error?

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Kanbei's Error?
Mission Details
Capture 15 Properties before Kanbei does
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
2 Tanks
3 Anti-Air
1 Missiles
1 Fighter
1 Bomber
1 B Copter
2 T Copters
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
Advance Campaign Only
# HQs
20 (0 Orange Star, 3 Yellow Comet, 17 Neutral)
3 (2 Orange Star, 1 Yellow Comet, 0 Neutral)
2 (1 Orange Star, 0 Yellow Comet, 1 Neutral)

In addition to being surrounded by Yellow Comet forces, you'll need to capture Properties to win on a Deployment map. This is the first mission in the Campaign in which Airports will be available, allowing you to supply, repair and deploy Air Units.

[edit] Intel

Kanbei's Error? is the eleventh mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. For some reason, Kanbei thinks it is a good idea to secure a base near the enemy, but its position is all but useless as Ground Units will eventually occupy all possible spaces on that small patch of land.

The key factors to winning here, other than Capturing properties, is to shoot down Kanbei's Air Force and prevent the Northern Infantry from capturing all those Properties on that particular Island, which will give him the Properties Quota needed to defeat you.

Capture 15 Properties before Kanbei does to win the battle! If you complete Kanbei Arrives! in 8 Days or fewer, Mighty Kanbei! in 10 Days or less, and this mission in 12 Days or less, your next mission will be Divide and Conquer!. Otherwise your next mission is Captain Drake!.

[edit] Strategy

What's an airport, again? -- Andy

Andy, Max and Sami will all do well here, be it with Andy's balanced attack, Max's high-powered offense or Sami's better Property capturing Abilities.

On day 1 have your Infantry capture two of the Neutral Cities that are in their movement range.

Now, you could move your Fighter on top of Kanbei's Base here and move your Missiles to the East to get them out of firing range, while moving the T Copter to the south and east so it'll be in range to land an Infantry on that island on the next turn. This isn't recommended because that base won't have much use for you.

Back to the primary strategy. You don't have to move your other Units unless you want to use your Fighter to severely damage the nearby Bomber, and deploy two Infantry. Over to Kanbei, who will have his Infantry and Mechs begin capturing Cities with one Mech being transported to nearby Neutral Cities. His Air Units will approach, leaving his Bomber in range of your Missiles if your Fighter didn't attack it.

In this case, hitting the Bomber with your Missiles will cripple it if it doesn't get destroyed; in that case use your Anti-Air to finish it off. Matchup Unit-Types here, attacking his B Copter with your B Copter and his Fighter with yours.

Transport one of your Infantry via T Copter to the North West Island with the other capturing the other Neutral City on your Island. Deploying a T Copter here is highly recommended; transporting your Infantry around is necessary to win the day.

From here, continue to deploy Infantry and T Copters to capture Neutral Properties, including the Neutral Airport. Be sure to deploy a second B Copter to help clear the North Island, and to be ready for T Copters. Eventually, you'll be able to deploy a Bomber; do so from the Neutral Airport once captured.

Be ready to land Infantry on the North Island as soon as the Tank and Infantry are damaged or too severely damaged to do much damage. Between the Properties on this Island, the Northwest Island, the Island with the Airport and your own Island, that'll be 15 Properties, enough to win the battle!

As relatively simple as this mission seems, its Advance Campaign counterpart is one of the hardest missions in the series.

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