Name NA: Jake
Army Orange Star
CO Power Beat Down
Super CO Power Block Rock
Appears In Dual Strike
Specialty Combat in Open Spaces


[edit] Background

Jake is a young Orange Star CO from Omega Land. In addition to his youth and energy, he's a top-notch Tank commander. Jake is most at home when his units are battling on wide-open Plains, which gives a firepower boost to both Ground and Air Units. He doesn't have any real weaknesses, making him a fine choice for beginner players looking for an easy CO to learn the ropes of the game.

Jake appears in Advance Wars: Dual Strike and gets along well with fellow COs Rachel and Sasha. His friendly nature gets displayed often, from the smallest details of nature to convincing Hawke to join the celebration festivities with the other Allied Nations COs. He speaks jive, which is why the way his words come together may seem odd, but a solid CO nonetheless.

[edit] CO Power

[edit] Beat Down

Beat Down increases the range of all his Indirect Combat Units by one and increases the firepower of all Units that are on Plains by 20%. All other units receive a 10% Offense and Defense Boost.

[edit] Block Rock

In addition to increasing the range of all of his Indirect Combat Units by one, Jakes's Vehicles gain a Movement Increase by two. Also, all Units that are on Plains gain a 40% Increase in firepower, with all other units receiving a 10% Offense and Defense boost.

[edit] Tips

Jake is an easy CO to use for first-time players of the series. Take advantage of the firepower bonus that his units get on Plains, but don't leave units exposed to counter-attacks!

In a Tag Battle, Jake is at his best with either Rachel or Jess.

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