It's War!

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It's War!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Infantry
2 Mechs
3 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
3 Anti-Air
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
15 (3 Orange Star, 4 Blue Moon, 6 Neutral)

This is the opening mission of Campaign mode. Introduced in this mission is Andy, a young Orange Star CO, and his CO Power Hyper Repair, which restores 2HP to all Units under his command. Capture the HQ or Rout Olaf's forces to win the day!


[edit] Intel

It's War! is the first mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. You start with 11 Units that are spread out over two fronts, a North front and a South Front. This is known as a "Divide and Conquer" theme, the strategy this mission utilizes.

[edit] Strategy

Be wary of Olaf's CO Power, which will reduce your Unit's movement ranges off roads, especially on the North Front where there aren't any Roads.

[edit] North Front

On the North Front, there is a Tank within firing range of your Tank and Anti-Air, but it's in the woods. You can either charge at this Tank with the Tank, then the Anti-Air to damage it, or move that Tank one space to the right, followed by the Artillery one space up to set it up to take some Artillery fire on the next turn.

Keep the Anti-Air safe to take on the nearby Infantry when they get into range.

[edit] South Front

On the South Front, your Medium Tank is right in the range of one of Olaf's Tank Units at the start. Start by having that unit fire on the Tank, severely damaging it. Line up the Artillery behind it with the Southern Tank next to it. Line up the rest of the units behind these two, using the APC to drop the Mech in the Woods next to the Artillery.

Strangely, Olaf will move his Artillery into the range of your Artillery here, making that unit easy to defeat. When moving to take down the Rockets Unit, don't park within its range! Use the Recon for the Infantry Units, but using it against the Mechs might not go well for the Recon if it gets fired upon.

When you're ready, move a weaker Unit within range of his Medium Tank to draw it into firing range of both your Artillery and Medium Tank. Also be wary of the Rockets Unit near Blue Moon's HQ.

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