History Lesson!

History Lesson!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Easy
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
1 Recon
4 Tanks
3 Artillery
1 Rockets
1 Battleship
1 Cruiser
1 Lander
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
17 (2 Orange Star, 11 Blue Moon, 4 Neutral)
Olaf has gone to see his mysterious benefactor and has ordered Grit to stop the Orange Star Army.

However, Max has questions of his own and he wants answers as to why Grit joined Blue Moon. Because of that, Max takes command here in the second Fog of War mission of the Campaign, the first of which to include Naval Units.

The first Fog of War mission to include Naval Units is Olaf's Navy! if you chose Andy for Max Strikes!.

[edit] Intel

History Lesson! is the seventh mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max takes command to find out why Grit joined Blue Moon in this Fog of War mission.

The amount of Units both armies has is even at 15 a side, but you have more firepower at Sea than Grit does.

Submarines have a wide vision range in a Fog of War mission, which will help to expose enemy Units on land and at sea. Reefs can be used to hide Naval Units just like Forests can hide Ground Units, so use those in the same manner.

Capture the HQ or Rout all enemies to stop Grit and get some answers!

[edit] Strategy

From the outset you'll need to find Grit's forces. Move your Northernmost Sub 2 spaces North and 3 spaces East and have it Dive to expose more Units on both Land and sea.

Bring the other two Submarines up, but the Southernmost sub won't have to Dive on this turn. Move your Cruiser and Battleship into the adjacent Reefs, out of enemy firing range.Move the rest of your forces Northward, but don't move them too far North or else they'll be exposed to Artillery fire.

After moving your Ground Units north on Day 1, they'll be within firing range on Day 2. You won't have much trouble dealing with these Units, just stay out of Artillery firing range. Max will be able to do some damage with his Battleship, but not a lot due to his struggles with Indirect Combat Units.

Once Grit's Submarine is gone, a couple of things will open up. One, you'll want to re-supply your Submarines and send them towards the sea that's North of Blue Moon HQ to find a Battleship. It won't take much for Submarines under Max's command to sink it; just be wary of fuel levels with the Submarines as they use 5 Units of Fuel each day that they are submerged.

Two, you'll be able to load your Landers up with Medium Tanks and Infantry or Mechs to make a run at Grit's HQ; take out his Lander or else it might occupy one of the Shoals that your Units could land on. Land your Units on the Northern Shoals near the enemy HQ and victory will be within reach, but if you land Units before the Battleship is destroyed your Units will take attacks from it! Capture his HQ to finish Blue Moon off!

After the battle, Nell interjects herself and speaks to Grit. While nothing major gets revealed at this juncture, bigger revelations are to come.

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