Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
1 Recon
1 Tank
2 Medium Tanks
1 Rockets
1 Anti-Air
2 Missiles
3 Fighters
1 Bomber
2 Battleships
2 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
19 (6 Orange Star, 7 Black Hole, 6 Neutral)
0 (1 Orange Star, 2 Black Hole, 2 Neutral)
1 (1 Neutral)
2 (2 Neutral)

Prior to the mission, Grit and Sonja meet up. The Queen of Intel says that she has the enemy by the tail, and needs to survey the situation.

In the meantime, she needs Grit to deliver this intel to Orange Star immediately, who is about to face-off with a mysterious opponent!

[edit] Intel

Enigma! is the 20th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Andy, Max and Sami have come across more of the same troops that they just battled alongside Eagle, and they're in for their toughest challenge yet!

Their opponent's name, which is revealed on the CO Screen under Intel, is named Sturm. While not much is known at the start of this battle, what will become readily apparent is that his Units have a high rate of firepower, and are capable of moving across all terrain types equally--units under his command are not affected by the terrain here.

The good news for you is that he cannot use his CO Power here.

This won't be easy. Capture the HQ or Rout the enemy forces to defeat Sturm!

[edit] Strategy

You're in a race to get to neutral properties right off the bat, a race that can easily be lost if you don't utilize your Transports. Send Infantry on a T Copter to the central peninsula, Dropping the Infantry to its South, or you can use your Lander to send a mix of Infantry and Mechs to the same Shoal, dropping both.

Load an Infantry or Mech onto your APC and send it on its way, including your Tank, Medium Tank, Rockets and Anti-Air, but move the Missiles one space East to provide cover.

On Day 1 move your Submarine 3 spaces East, and on Day 2 move it one South and two East, having it Dive. This will provide it cover whilst Sturm's lead Submarine approaches, giving it the upper hand in head-to-head combat and giving you enough to attack Sturm's lead Battleship.

As you capture Properties, continue to push through the central peninsula, but be careful of Sturm's Indirects! Not only do his Rockets do a lot of damage, they can move about the battlefield quickly, so be careful of them!

As you secure Bases, and eventually the Seaport and Airport, be smart about what you deploy. Tanks and Medium Tanks are going to be relied upon quite a bit in this battle, as will Artillery and Rockets for Indirect Damage. Once you take the Airport, don't deploy anything just yet because Sturm leaves one Fighter behind for defensive purposes. Deploy a Cruiser to take it and his second Submarine out when you get the chance, but don't sacrifice the land battle!

The neutral airport is best approached by sending a lone Infantry or Mech Unit to that island on a Lander; if on a T Copter it will get shot down by that Fighter Unit. Once that Fighter is gone, you'll be free to deploy B Copters, T Copters and Bombers. Be advised, however, that Sturm may counter those deployments by deploying more Anti-Air Units. Tanks will do well against Anti-Airs, so keep your attack balanced to beat down Sturm!

For a good Speed Score you'll want to shoot to Capture his HQ or Rout in 20 Days. A Rout is more likely here because Sturm parks a Medium Tank on his HQ and won't move it until something enters its attack range.

Andy is a balanced choice here, which is a good thing in the sense that part of this mission does entail using some Indirect Combat Units, maybe even a Battleship in the battle's Endgame. Max's Units will steamroll through Sturm's but he'll struggle with the Indirects that will be needed here.

While Sami doesn't generally hit hard with Direct Combat Units, Sturm tends to have a lower defense in this game. But that's the tip of the iceberg: since Sami's Units capture Properties faster than all other CO's and Transport usage is required off the bat she would be an excellent choice here.

After the battle, Grit catches up with Orange Star and passes the Intel along. The time for talk is over, as it's time for The Final Battle!.

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