Climate Status

Climate Status
Mission Details
Capture Enemy HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
2 Tanks
2 Medium Tanks
1 Artillery
1 Rockets
1 Anti-Air
4 B Copters
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
10 (2 Orange Star, 5 Blue Moon, 3 Neutral)

This mission introduces how Climate forces can have their effect on a battle, as well as CO Powers and the effects they can have on a battle, which vary from CO to CO.

[edit] Intel

Climate Change is the twelfth mission of Advance Wars' Field Training Mode. Both sides start with 15 Units, but Olaf has a bit more power on his side.

This mission is the first time that CO Powers get used in a battle. The effects of climate on the battle are also introduced, along with how they affect various units.

[edit] Strategy

Prior to the battle, Nell briefs you on Olaf, saying that he used to be a CO in Orange Star and was her superior at one time. However, he switched allegiances and attacked Orange Star for reasons unknown.

This one is left up to you in terms of decision-making. Keep your units close to your HQ so they can counter-attack Olaf's advance with the Tank blocking the Mountain Range while the Medium Tank is parked on your city just North and East of your HQ. With Indirect Combat units behind them you'll be able to weather the storm until it stops Snowing--just keep firing at approaching Units from behind the wall!

Olaf will use his CO Power Blizzard on his first turn. This will bog down your units and slow them down, but Olaf's units don't mind the snow and press on. It stops snowing on Olaf's part of Day 4, then the Rain starts to fall at the start of Day 6. This is where the tide truly turns, as Olaf is weak in the Rain and will suffer from the same movement setbacks that your Units suffered while it was snowing!

Use the Rain to your advantage and finish off Olaf's remaining units! If your B Copter didn't get shot down by an enemy Anti-Air unit, you'll be able to use it to attack off Olaf's last B Copter or Rockets Units. Otherwise, you'll be waiting until your Anti-Air can get up there, as movement is slowed in the Rain by Units that travel on treads and tires on anything other than a Road or Property.

An A Rank is the highest rank that can be obtained during Field Training missions.

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