Blizzard Battle! (Advanced)

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Blizzard Battle! (Advanced)
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Sniper! (Advanced)->Blizzard Battle! (Advanced)->History Lesson! (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture 12 Properties
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Infantry
2 Mechs
1 Tanks
3 Medium Tanks
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
15 (0 Orange Star, 3 Blue Moon, 12 Neutral)
5 (2 Orange Star, 2 Blue Moon, 1 Neutral)

The first mission of Advanced Campaign that features capturing Properties to win presents the same task as before, but more daunting because Olaf starts with six Infantry units poised to capture neutral properties, including two Mechs on your side of the two bridges.

It's a race against time to prevent Olaf from taking Properties on your side of the battlefield while you rush to catch up and overtake him!

[edit] Intel

Blizzard Battle! (Advanced) is the sixth mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. Nothing has changed in terms of your starting position, but Olaf has gotten stronger units AND is in a better position at the outset!

Since Olaf capturing any properties on your side of the bridges would be disastrous, you'll need to hurry to stop those Units while capturing Properties on your side of the bridge! It takes 12 to win, but if he gets 12 first you lose.

[edit] Strategy

It's imperative that you capture their closest city in order to have a buffer of captured cities. Use your APC to deliver a Mech unit to the closest bridge and take the city in the next turns. Advance with your tanks to take out the two Mechs on your side of the battlefield. Be sure to stay out of Range of the opponent's Missiles when possible. Capture the two cities closest to you to increase your income. Recon vehicles come in handy in this mission as they can travel on the roads through Olaf's winter (while on the road) at great speeds and can be used to stop your opponent's troops from capturing cities.

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