Black Bomb

Black Bomb
Black Bomb AWDS.gif
Black Bomb Units found in Dual Strike
Unit Type Air
Cost 25000G
Movement Range 9
Vision Range 1
Attack Range ---
Fuel 45
Ammo ---
Weapon(s) ---

The Black Bomb is a Black Hole Invention designed by Lash that make their debut in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. This is an Air Unit that is remote-controlled and can be deployed at an Airport for 25,000G.

This powerful weapon explodes on command, dealing up to five HP damage to every unit indiscriminately within a diameter of three spaces, which is the equivalent of a Missile Silo strike. This won't destroy any Units that have less than 6 HP; in this instance they'll be left with 1 HP.

To unlock the Black Bomb for use in Campaign and other modes, find the map in Frozen Fortress, then complete Lash's Test.

The Black Bomb is listed as a "Plane" unit, so only Anti-Air, Fighters, Stealth Fighter, Missiles, Cruisers and Carriers can target it.

[edit] Tips

Black Bombs are very powerful and great at damaging multiple enemies in an area. However, the blast can also damage your own troops as well, so be careful when making one Explode.

Keeping Black Bombs supplied with enough fuel will be critical as it only has 45 Units of Fuel at maximum, and they use 5 Units per day.

Protect your own troops from Black Bomb attacks by using Anti-Air defenses, or if you really don't want it to explode in a certain area, block its route with other units. Worse comes to worst, spread your troops out so they don't all take damage in the blast.

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