Battle Mystery! (Max)

Battle Mystery! (Max)
Battlemystery m.png

Wings of Victory!->Battle Mystery! (Max)->Andy Times Two!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
1 Recon
3 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
3 Artillery
1 Anti-Air
2 Battleships
1 Cruiser
1 Lander
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
18 (4 Orange Star, 10 Green Earth, 4 Neutral)
Eagle is still musing what was said to him in the last mission when he receives an unexpected visit from Sonja of Yellow Comet. Not only does she wish to show Eagle something, she also appears to have answers for that which he is pondering.

Drake reassures Eagle that everything will be okay with Green Earth and to go off with her. He'd like a closer look at the Orange Star Army.

[edit] Intel

Battle Mystery! is the 18th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Eagle has left with Sonja to find out what she knows about who has been pulling everyone's strings, leaving Drake in command of Green Earth.

Unlike the other two versions of this Mission, Max is in a battle that doesn't have a specified objective or in Fog of War. Capture his HQ or Rout Drake's Units to win the battle!

[edit] Strategy

Time to make a big splash and give Eagle cover. --Drake

First, attack the Anti-Air with your Battleship--should you be fortunate enough to take it down to 4 HP with this attack you'll only need to bring a Medium Tank over on the West Lander, the only Lander that is in range of a Shoal on the opposite shore at the start. This will allow your Tank to run East to intercept the Tank and two Infantry that start on your side of the battlefield.

Load your Rockets onto one of the Landers (doesn't matter which one), while loading a Mech into an APC then loading it onto the other Lander. The last Lander spot can go to your Tank or the other Mech. If you loaded your Tank onto the Lander and sent the other Mech east instead, don't Drop the Tank right away and only Drop the Medium Tank. Use your Battleship to attack the Anti-Air, bringing it close to defeat and use the Medium Tank on Drake's Tank to destroy it.

Either way, don't forget about the South and East section; one missed turn with your Tank or Mech can be disastrous, particularly if you used your Tank for that part of the battlefield. While this is quicker when going for a Rout, one missed day will screw the whole deal up so don't forget this part of the battlefield!

At sea, advance your Submarine and Cruiser on Day 1, and watch where Drake's Submarine dives. Use your Submarine whilst it is submerged to find the enemy Sub, then destroy it with your Cruiser. Do NOT lose your Submarine or else you will have serious problems sinking Drake's Battleships; also protect your APC so your Submarine doesn't run out of fuel! Specifically, you'll need your Submarine to dispose of the Battleship near Drake's HQ, especially if you're going for a Rout.

Backed by fire from your Rockets and your Battleship, your Medium Tank shouldn't have a problem steamrolling through Drake's Ground Units provided you don't park the Medium Tank in Artillery or Battleship range.

After winning the battle, Max will ask Drake why he's been attacking the Orange Star Army. This reveals why the Orange Star Army has been at the center of the conflict, and the activities of Grit and Sonja behind the scenes to expose the mastermind behind the turmoil.

This sets the scene for the final missions of Advance Wars' Campaign Mode!

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