B Copter

Battle Copter
Battle Copter AW2.gif
Battle Copter Units found in Black Hole Rising
Unit Type Air
Cost 9000G
Movement Range 6
Vision Range 3
Attack Range 1
Fuel 99 (-2)
Ammo 6
Weapon(s) Air to Surface Missiles
Machine Guns

B Copter, or Battle Copter Units have a lot of firepower and can fire on many different unit types, making them a valuable asset to have. They cost 9,000G to deploy.

The firepower of these units are effective on a variety of different units. Their primary weapons are strong against most Ground Units, save for Anti-Air, Medium Tank, Neotank and Megatank units; they fare modestly against most Naval Units save for Cruisers, which can tear a Battle Copter unit apart!

B Copter Machine Guns are capable of seriously damaging Infantry and other Copter Units.

Defensively, Anti-Air and Fighter units are the worst nightmare for B Copter units, both of which are capable of destroying them in one attack.

[edit] Tips

B Copters are amongst the most versatile units in the series, so definitely keep some on hand when you can. Keep them out of range of threats and they'll perform well.

While opposing Medium Tank, Neotanks and Megatanks won't take much damage from B Copters, they won't deal much damage to B Copters in return.

Keep Battle Copters away from enemy Cruisers, who can destroy a B Copter unit in one attack.

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