Air Ace! (Advanced)

Air Ace! (Advanced) links here. For the Normal Campaign version of this mission, Click Here.

Air Ace! (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
5 Tanks
1 Missiles
8 B Copters
2 Fighters
2 Bombers
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (4 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 5 Neutral)
3 (1 Orange Star, 2 Neutral)

In the Advanced Campaign version of Air Ace!, Eagle brings a much stronger Air Force to battle. In a rare instance, your Forces aren't reduced at all. Instead, you gain an Anti-Air Unit to help bolster your Air Defenses.

You'll still have to contend with Eagle's CO Power, which will allow his Units to move twice in one turn with both Firepower and Defense penalties.

Capture his HQ or Rout all of Eagle's forces to ground Eagle and his Air Force!

[edit] Intel

Air Ace! (Advanced) is the third mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. While the storyline remains unchanged from the Normal Campaign version of this mission, the challenge has certainly been increased.

While your forces are slightly stronger in this version of Air Ace!, Eagle has a lot more forces at his disposal in general, utilizing a total of 12 Air Units.

Air Defenses will be key to winning this battle.

[edit] Strategy

While you can play this battle defensively, forming all your Units in a large box-like formation near your HQ while blasting away at oncoming Air and Ground Units, it takes a while and relies upon deploying numerous Anti-Air Units after Day 1 to keep Eagle's Air Units from punching through to the center, which would include your T Copter.

When punching out, use your Tank and B Copter to take out the Tank, then keep pushing towards the neutral Base, destroying both B Copter Units.

To complete this mission quickly you'll need your T Copter alive and protected.

More ideally, you'll have to be aggressive in order to win the day. Start by using your Northernmost Anti-Air to destroy the nearby B Copter and your Medium Tank & B Copter to destroy the nearby Tank. Line up your second Anti-Air south of the first Anti-Air, followed by a Tank, then the Missiles, and last the rear Anti-Air. South of the rear Anti-Air is the ideal spot for your T Copter, which should be loaded with a Mech. West of this Anti-Air should be your APC, dropping a Mech to its South.

Surround your Base with both Infantry and deploy an APC--this strategy works best deploying APC's on each turn. You'll lose your B Copter and suffer damage to your Medium Tank, but your southernmost Anti-Air will be able to destroy the B Copter from the East. This will allow your Medium Tank to attack the nearby Tank and Anti-Air to attack the Fighter, but save before doing these moves because you want both to have 4 HP remaining; if either have 5 HP reset and replay the move until you get the desired results. Save if you get the first one so the other won't have to redo both moves on a reset.

From here, move your Tank all the way East, which will hinder the Fighter's movement, and use your Missile to take out a B Copter unit. Your T Copter will be moving East with the pack, but drop your Mech to the East of the T Copter for defensive purposes. Line up the rear Anti-Air unit one space West of that T Copter, and load the APC's with an Infantry and Mech. Drop each Unit North of the APC, which will leave both Units within moving range of the neutral Base. The Artillery and other Infantry bring up the rear.

Your damaged Infantry/Mech will go into your T Copter on Day 3, moving it 2 North and 4 East, dropping the unit North, which will draw in the enemy Bomber. Move an Infantry on an APC to the West of the T Copter, dropping the Unit to its West. Relocate your Medium Tank 2 North and 1 West into the Woods. From here, finish off the enemy Tank with your own Tank, and attack Eagle's air force, using your Missiles on the damaged fighter. Be sure that Eagle's Air Units can't reach your T Copter or Infantry, as you're so close to reaching his HQ!

If Eagle wasn't able to attack your Infantry and your T Copter survives, load the T Copter with an Infantry or Mech that's at full health and move the T Copter one space North of Eagle's HQ, dropping the Infantry on the HQ. By now Andy's CO Power meter should be full, so use Hyper Repair. Punch out the blocking Tank Unit and destroy the nearby Bomber with two Anti-Air Units, using a third to KO the damaged Fighter Unit.

Start capturing his HQ on Day 5 to win the battle on Day 6!

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