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Name NA: Sturm
EU: Sturm
JP: Herr Bonze ('Mister Evil')
Army Black Hole
CO Power N/A
Super CO Power Meteor Strike
Appears In AW, AW2

[edit] Profile

Sturm is the central villain of the first two Advance Wars games. The leader of Black Hole, Sturm appears to be an unspecified extraterrestrial being.

[edit] Story

Sturm's first plot involved a clone of the Orange Star CO, Andy. The clone attacked Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet. The clone fooled those armies into thinking it was the real Andy. Sturm also managed to persuade the Blue Moon chief, Olaf, to invade Orange Star, pretending to be his ally. However, Sonja and Grit were able to uncover his plot along Orange Star. Orange Star confronted and destroyed the clone, before moving in on Sturm himself. Sturm (or his clone) was beaten in a battle, but survived to kidnap Sonja. He was brought down in a final battle with the other territories, and retreated, promising to return for another attack.

He did so, invading Macro Land along with Hawke, Adder, Lash and Flak. The other territories again fought back the Black Hole forces, before confronting Sturm on his archipelago. Having broken into his fortress and taking out his security system, the alliance arrived at Sturm's ultimate weapon. They successfully destroyed his death ray as he attempted to launch a giant missile. The COs entered the fortress and confronted the villain face-to-face. Before Sturm could kill them, Hawke turned against his former commander and murdered him with Black Storm. With his dying words, Sturm branded Hawke a traitor. Hawke then assumed command of Black Hole and agreed an ostensible truce to end the wars.

[edit] Abilities

In Advance Wars 1, in Campaign Mode, Sturm is his most agressive version, having 20% more attack for all his units at the expense of having 20% less defence for all of them. When you unlock him, however, he is reversed, having more defense at the cost of firepower. He also treats ALL terrain as having movement cost of 1, meaning he can traverse maps with no penalty whatsoever (unless the unit isn't able to traverse that terrain in the first place, for example, a tank still can't traverse mountains), making all his units (especially rockets) much faster and therefore deadlier. His CO Power is Meteor Strike, the most devastating in the game. It will conjure a meteor that falls in his opponents troops. It affects a diamond-like shape, causing all units caught in the blast to take 8 HP damage (his own units included), making so any of them, if not at full HP, will be at 1 HP (since map damage can't kill units), making them almost completely useless. It also grants him firepower and defese boosts, making him deadlier for a turn.

In Advance Wars 2, however, he is much stronger. His weakness of having less defense is gone, and now he has 20% plus offense and 20% plus defense, making him almost impossible to deal with. He also kept his better movement. He does not have a normal CO Power in the second game, instead he only has a Super, which costs 10 stars (the most costly in the game), which is his classic Meteor Strike. It has the exact same effect, making a meteor fall in the enemy and making his units even stronger, which makes them almost invincible for a turn.

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