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Name NA: Sasha
Army Blue Moon
CO Power Market Crash
Super CO Power War Bonds
Appears In Dual Strike
Specialty Additional War Funds


[edit] Background

Sasha is Colin's older sister and is a Blue Moon CO. Normally acts ladylike, but becomes very daring should she become angry. The heiress to a vast fortune (a fortune that Colin is also an heir to), Sasha gains an extra 100G for every base that is under her control. Other than that she doesn't have any real strengths or weaknesses.

Oftentimes she watches over Colin to reassure him, but at times she comes across as dominating and a little heavy-handed. Appears to have an interest in Jake of Orange Star.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Market Crash (2 Stars)

This CO Power reduces the Power Meter of opposing COs by about 10% for every 5000 War Funds that she has, and her units receives a 10% Increase to their offense and defense.

[edit] War Bonds (6 Stars)

War Bonds takes 50% of the damage Sasha's units deal on an attack and converts it into War Funds in addition to increasing those Unit's Attack and Defense by 10%.

[edit] Tips

Sasha's Market Crash is great at preventing opposing CO's from getting off their respective CO Powers. Even after a few times using this power Market Crash can still be effective at stalling the opposition, holding off their Super CO Powers as well.

The extra 100G that Sasha gains every turn will allow her to out-fund her opposition, thus out-building the opposition.

In a Tag Battle, Sasha is at her best with Colin, Jake, Rachel and Grimm.

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