Sami Marches On!

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Sami Marches On!
Mission Details
Capture 16 Properties
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
3 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
1 Battleship
1 Cruiser
3 Landers
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
20 (3 Orange Star, 5 Yellow Comet, 10 Neutral)
6 (2 Orange Star, 2 Yellow Comet, 2 Neutral)
5 (1 Orange Star, 2 Yellow Comet, 2 Neutral)
Sami finally meets up with Max, only to find him sleeping courtesy of Sonja from the last mission. There's a bit of history already between these two CO's; a backstory that doesn't get revealed right away.

In this mission, you'll have to capture 16 Properties to win in a Fog of War situation.

[edit] Intel

- You...Sonja! I might've known! Splitting the three of us up...This was all part of your strategy, wasn't it! --Sami

- Of course. Brilliant deduction. I've got Andy secured in a nice, safe place, too. If you want him back, you just have to get past me. The first person to secure sixteen properties on this map wins. Got it? Good. Ready, set, go! --Sonja

Sami Marches On! is the 13th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. With Max out cold, Sami now has to face her challenge from Sonja: a race to capture 16 Properties.

This battle plays to the strengths of both CO's: Sami's capturing abilities versus Sonja's skill in Fog of War.

Sonja starts with 18 Units while you start with 14, but on a deployment map you also call the shots on what to deploy as well as the opponent.

Grit also makes an appearance here on Sonja's first turn. Something's amiss in Wars World, but what that is remains unclear.

Move quickly to capture 16 Properties before Sonja does, and for Sami to get some answers!

[edit] Strategy

To start, load a Mech and Infantry onto the South Lander and Drop both Units off on the Southern Island. Sonja will get there very soon, so move fast in order to beat her to it. The North Lander can also get there, but it can only drop a Unit off on a Shoal. Put your Rockets and Tank (or Medium Tank, your call) on this Lander, then move it to that Shoal to make the drop.

Begin capturing here by taking the Seaport and Base on Day 2, sending the Landers back to move Infantry, Mech, Recon and the Tank or Medium Tank that didn't go South to the North Island. The only threats there are a Tank that has been drawn out, and an Artillery in a Forest. Start capturing quickly; the North and South Islands will give you enough Properties to win.

Move your Submarine one space North, three spaces East,a second space North and one more East to serve as a lure to enemy Units. Move the Battleship to its Southeast to provide covering fire, and your Cruiser one space South, three East and two more South to make whatever might be coming take a longer route.

Sonja will take the bait and her Tank should fire on your Submarine, which does miniscule damage. A Cruiser should come into view at this point, which you should not have a problem sinking with your Battleship and Submarine.

As you proceed there is one target off the coast of the North Island that will need to be dealt with: an enemy Battleship--if you don't take it out you'll have trouble capturing all the properties on that island. Send a submerged Submarine after it, but have an APC nearby to resupply the Sub before it sinks from running out of fuel.

Also, try to get a Medium Tank in front of the South Bridge to stop the advance of Sonja's Troops onto the Southern Island. Hold that Island until you can take all the Properties on the North Island, but watch out for enemy Units that get dropped there by Landers!

The two islands will combine to get you 16 Properties, enough to win the day!

This map below shows where the opposing Yellow Comet forces start.

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