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Name NA: Sami
EU: Tami
JP: Domino
Army Orange Star
CO Power Double Time
Super CO Power Victory March
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Infantry Units


[edit] Background

Sami is a young Orange Star CO who specializes in Infantry combat, and in addition to having higher firepower ratings Infantry and Mechs under her command can capture properties 50% faster than other COs.

Sami doesn't do as well with direct combat units, but her skills with Indirect Combat Units are average, which provide good coverage to her troops.

[edit] CO Power

[edit] Double Time (3 Stars)

This CO Power requires 3 stars to charge up, which increases the movement range of her Infantry and Mech Units by one and giving them a firepower bonus as well. All other units receive a 10% Increase in attack and defense.

[edit] Victory March (8 Stars)

Sami's Super CO Power requires 8 stars to become fully charged. Her Infantry and Mech Units receive a movement range increase of two spaces, and can capture any property on one turn regardless of the unit's health.

This Super CO Power is a potential game-changer, one that can end a battle in the blink of an eye if Sami's opponent(s) isn't careful!

[edit] Tips

Keep Sami's Infantry and Mechs safe; they do great on maps in which there are a lot of properties to capture. Don't forget to provide support for those units!

While Sami has reduced firepower with Non-Infantry Direct Combat Units, this isn't the case with Indirect Combat Units. These units have normal firepower ratings, so don't worry about lacking punch with these units!

Sami's Super CO Power Victory March can turn the tide of the battle in an instant, capturing enemy Cities, Bases, Ports or even the Enemy's HQ if the Infantry or Mechs are within range of those properties! Going against Sami, if you don't protect your properties by parking units on them when Sami uses Victory March, you run the risk of losing those properties on one shot!

In a Tag Battle, Sami performs at her best with Eagle, but to get the best out of this combination use Eagle first or else the Lightning Strike portion of the Power will be wasted! Additionally, Infantry and Mechs that are on a Lander, APC, Black Boat or T Copter will be able to go farther and drop their Units after Tag Power's activation, allowing Sami to capture any properties that are within range of the Unit's landing zone.

Sami also performs well with Sonja, Andy, Max and Nell during Tag Battles.

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