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Name NA: Penny
EU: Lili
Army Intelligent Defense Systems
CO Power Stormfront
CO Zone 3 (Units untouched by climate even outside the range)
Appears In Days of Ruin
Specialty Climate Changes
Sayings "Let's go Mr. Bear! Tee Hee Hee!"

"The youngest of Dr. Caulder's daughters, her mind is permanently shattered due to constant experimentation."

Name: Penny
Co Zone: 3
Units: All
Effect: All weathers are useless to her units (In other words, Snow, Sand or Rain doesn't affect her.(even those outside of the CO Zone). So you will be totally immune to everything!

Penny is just a small girl but with an amazing power on weather battles.

Penny has a double-personality, the bear that she carries it isn't just decorative. It's Mr. Bear, Penny's best friend. She always talks in phrases referring to him, such as; "Mr. Bear says that he doesn't want to eat that.'"

You can unlock Penny after beating Chapter 24: Crash Landing. Penny isn't a trouble on campaign, because when you fight her, there aren't any climate changes. But she's a powerful weapon to use.

[edit] CO Power

Power: Stormfront Randomly changes the weather, lasts for 3 days

It may be Rain, Snow or Sandstorm.

Rain: In the same turn that you use the power, there is no FOW for you, but the enemies have FOW. Snow: -1 Movement to all enemy units. Sand: -30% attack to all enemy units.

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