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Orange Star is the main Country in Advance Wars. It has a few COs like Andy, Sami and Max. Those three protect and serve Omega Land.

In the Japanese-language version of the game, it was called Red Star. This was changed for English release versions due to references to communism.


[edit] COs

  • Andy: A young, energetic Orange Star CO with no real strengths or weaknesses. Uses all units with the same level of proficiency.
  • Max: An Orange Star CO. This strongman hits harder with Direct Combat Units, but has a -1 Range and weaker firepower with Indirect Combat Units.
  • Sami: An Orange Star CO. Her Infantry have strong firepower and can capture Properties 50% faster. She doesn't do as well with Direct Combat Units, but Indirect Combat Units are on par with everyone else.
  • Nell: The commander of Orange Star forces. She sometimes gets lucky with damage draws, oftentimes dealing out more damage than usual.
  • Hachi: An Orange Star CO who also runs the Battlemaps shop. He gets a 10% Discount on all deployment costs.
  • Jake: A young Orange Star CO from Omega Land. He gets a firepower increase on the open plains.
  • Rachel: An Orange Star CO and Nell's little sister. Her Units recover up to 3HP when resting on their respective Allied Base or Property.

[edit] Advance Wars

In the first game, Orange Star started off under attack from Blue Moon COs Olaf and Grit. Nell was fending them off and training the player in strategy at the same time. After the tutorial missions, the player was given command of Andy, who led the counterattack on Blue Moon. During the counterattack, the Orange Star forces were attacked by the Green Earth army, who mistook Andy for the Andy clone that Black Hole had created. After Green Earth CO Eagle saw the real Andy and the impostor Andy at the same time, Eagle helped the Orange Star forces in routing Black Hole. In the final mission of Advance Wars, Orange Star was controlled by Andy.

[edit] Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

In the second game, Orange Star is the first country that the player must liberate, and most likely the easiest. Unlike the other countries, Orange Star does not gain any new members. In fact, Orange Star loses a member, the player from the first game. After kicking Black Hole out of their country, Orange Star reappears to help Yellow Comet and Blue Moon defeat Black Hole as well. After freeing the other two countries, Orange Star and the other freed countries head toward Green Earth to drive Black Hole out of there as well. After doing all this, all the countries head off to finally defeat Black Hole

[edit] Advance Wars: Dual Strike

In the third Advance Wars game, Orange Star is the color used for the army in the first spot, no matter what CO is commanding the army. However, the units that Orange Star uses change their appearance to that of the army that the CO belongs to. Orange Star also gains two new COs, Rachel and Jake. Max joins the forces early on in the game, and Sami joins them after Mission 22, Crystal Calamity. Andy himself does not make an appearance in the game, only another clone of him does.

This clone is aligned with the Bolt Guard, a branch of Black Hole that is led by Von Bolt.

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