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Name NA: Nell
JP: Catherine
Army Orange Star
CO Power Lucky Star
Super CO Power Lady Luck
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Luck


[edit] Background

Nell is a CO aligned with Orange Star that appears to be very lucky. Nell's sister. Rachel, seems to be lucky also, just not as much. Most commanders have a 10% Luck rating, but Nell has a 15% Luck rating.

Nell has normal capabilities with units, and is available for usage in the first 3 Advance Wars games after certain conditions are met. Nell's CO Power has a chance of slightly increasing firepower, while her Super CO Power has a chance of raising power enough to let Infantry kill Neotanks!

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Lucky Star

Lucky Star increases Nell's luck to 60/40 plus a 10% Defense increase with a 10% Offense increase only taking effect in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

[edit] Lady Luck

This Super CO Power increases Nell's Luck to 100% in addition to a 10% increase in Defense, also receiving a 10% increase in Offense that only takes effect in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Yeah, this could hurt, but remember this: luck is still luck. That damage counter that shows up before an attack may actually be correct, which could spell the end of units that are less fortunate.

[edit] Tips

Don't push Nell's Luck, because while it helps it can't be depended on as a surefire thing. Take the breaks when you get them, but don't depend on it unless the tide starts to turn for the worse.

The only time Nell can be used in any Campaign mode is Advance Wars: Dual Strike's Hard Campaign. Otherwise she can only be used in Multiplayer and War Room.

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