"An Orange Star Mech unit."

Mechs or Mechanized Infantry are very similar to their predecessor, the Infantry unit. They can perform all of the tasks regular infantry can, including capturing buildings and HQs.

Mech units have Machine guns as well as a Bazooka, which enables them to be much more effective against vehicles such as Tanks, APC's, or Rockets. Though given the weight of the extra equipment their movement is 1 less than their Infantry brethren, only 2 spaces per turn. However, they aren't hindered by terrain, including Rivers and Mountains, and also receive a +3 Increase to their vision when on a Mountain in Fog of War.

Mechs also cost more to deploy than Infantry, costing 3,000G to deploy with the exception of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, which has Mechs costing 2,500G to deploy.

Unit Stats

OrangeStarBattle Mech.png OrangeStarField Mech.png
Mech (Advance Wars)
BlueMoonField Mech.png BlueMoonBattle Mech.png
Movement Cost Information
PlainMark.png 1 WoodMark.png 1 MountainMark.png 1 RiverMark.png 1 RoadMark.png 1 ShoalMark.png 1 SeaMark.png --- ReefMark.png ---
Statistical Information
Gas.png 70/70 Mech units survive through rations that are slowly depleted as they move.
Vision.png 2-5 Though at a default of 2, vision can change based on terrain or upgrades.
Movement Mech.png 2 Movement is limited as an Mech unit. They cannot cross sea tiles.
Damage Chart
BlueMoonField Infantry.png Infantry --- / 65 BlueMoonField Missile.png Missiles 85 / 35
BlueMoonField Mech.png Mech --- / 55 BlueMoonField Fighter.png Fighter --- / ---
BlueMoonField Recon.png Recon 85 / 18 BlueMoonField Bomber.png Bomber --- / ---
BlueMoonField Tank.png Tank 55 / 6 BlueMoonField Copter.png B Copter --- / 9
BlueMoonField Midtank.png Medium Tank 15 / 1 BlueMoonField T-Copter.png T Copter --- / 35
BlueMoonField APC.png APC 75 / 20 BlueMoonField Ship.png Battleship --- / ---
BlueMoonField Artillery.png Artillery 70 / 32 BlueMoonField Cruiser.png Cruiser --- / ---
BlueMoonField Rocket.png Rockets 85 / 35 BlueMoonField Lander.png Lander --- / ---
BlueMoonField Anti-Air.png Anti-Air 65 / 6 BlueMoonField Sub.png Submarine --- / ---
YellowCometBattle Mech.png YellowCometField Mech.png
GreenEarthField Mech.png GreenEarthBattle Mech.png


While Mechs have stronger firepower, they don't move far, so utilizing APC's and T Copters will be very useful for getting them around in a hurry. Also, protect your Mechs--while their firepower is equivalent to a Tank, their defense is equal to Infantry, so be wary.

Mechs can also be spammed similar to Infantry with increased firepower, but less movement range.

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