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Name NA: Max
Army Orange Star
CO Power Max Force
Super CO Power Max Blast
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Non-infantry direct combat units


[edit] Background

Max is an Orange Star CO that specializes in close range combat. All of Max's direct combat units gain an attack bonus, but his indirect combat units get their range lowered by one space and a reduction in firepower. Max is one of the three COs that the player may choose from in Advance Wars. Max returns in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and is the third CO that joins the party in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Max Force (3 Stars)

Max's CO Power, Max Force, requires 3 stars and grants all direct combat units a 40% power boost and a 10% defense boost. All other units will gain a 10% offense and defense boost.

[edit] Max Blast (6 Stars)

Max's Super CO Power, Max Blast, grants direct combat units a 70% power boost and a 10% defense boost. While still keeping the 10% and 10% for all other units. Max Blast requires 6 stars.

[edit] Tips

Max is obviously a close range CO, so opponents usually won't expect him to use indirect combat units. While it is true that Max shouldn't use Artillery, he can use Rockets and Missiles to some usefulness, although it costs much money to produce them. Use your opponent's assumption to your advantage in Fog of War maps, where the opponent will not be as wary of long range units compared to when fighting another co, like Grit. Hide your indirect combat units in the woods and blast away!

Max generally won't be able to use Indirect Combat units in a Sandstorm, which takes an additional space off his already reduced Indirect Combat range.

In wide-open spaces where multiple units can strike a unit, Max can be devastating.

In a Tag Battle Max performs at his best with Andy, Nell, Sami and Grit.

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