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Name NA: Hawke
EU: Hawke
JP: Howke ('Hawk')
Army Black Hole
CO Power Black Wave
Super CO Power Black Storm
Appears In AW2, AWDS


[edit] Profile

Hawke is the most powerful of Black Hole's Macro Land COs after Sturm. He typically wears a grey trenchcoat and has grey and white hair. Hawke often came across as cold and emotionless, by contrast to the other remaining Black Hole CO, Lash, but also with a sense of duty.

[edit] Story

Hawke was in charge of the invasion of Green Earth in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. When the alliance arrived at Sturm's base of operations, Hawke betrayed Sturm and killed him by using Black Storm, becoming the commander-in-chief of Black Hole.

After Sturm's demise, Black Hole split into two sub-factions. These were the original Black Hole, led by Hawke, and the Bolt Guard (Kindle, Koal and Jugger), intorduced in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Hawke, feeling uncomfortable with the changes which were being made to Black Hole, spied on Kindle, realizing that she was part of a different sub-faction founded by Von Bolt. Kindle attempted to dispose of Hawke and Lash by deploying Oozium to consume them, and they escaped, with the alliance's help. Hawke and Lash led the allies to various Bolt Guard bases, and eventually they succeeded in bringing down Black Onyx - a laser-armed satellite that was guarding a Black Obelisk, which was subsequently destroyed.

When the Bolt Guard began to rise again with clones of alliance COs, Hawke and Lash continued to help. After several skirmishes, they finally arrived at Von Bolt's most dangerous weapon, the Grand Bolt. The alliance destroyed it, and Hawke, along with the other COs, confronted the man himself. Hawke gave Jake a weapon to kill Von Bolt; depending on Jake's decision, either he shot the land-draining chair or Hawke attacked Von Bolt. The base began to collapse, and everyone except Hawke and Von Bolt escaped. It is not known what became of either of them, but Kindle implies that both surived and Hawke escaped with the chair.

[edit] Abilities

Hawke's units enjoy enhanced attack. This is countered by Hawke's lengthy CO Power gauge.

[edit] CO Powers

Both of Hawke's CO Powers have similar effects. The CO Power Black Wave restores all the HP of his units by one while taking away one HP from each enemy unit. In Combat Mode, Black Wave works differently, as a varying pattern of dark explosions hit all enemy units that get caught in the blasts for 3 HP Damage.

His Super CO Power Black Storm is an enhanced version of Black Wave, restoring 2 HP to all of his units while draining 2 HP from all enemy units.

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