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Name NA:Gage
Army Lazuria
CO Power Longshot Increases range of indirect attack units by 2
CO Zone 2-4
Appears In Days of Ruin
Specialty Boosts attack and defense of all naval and indirect attack units.
Sayings "They don't pay me to think."

Plot: Gage doesn't show any appearance until C13, which is also the first time you meet him in battle. He doesn't show all that much attention, due to his "Man of a few words" style. Along with Tasha, Gage joined the 12th Battalion to beat the New Rubinelle Army.

Strategy: Gage is not only sueful with indirect units, but also naval units. He is somewhat very similar to Greyfield other than he focuses on attack instead of defense. Gage is very good in both ground-based, where the best unit to load him in is an anti-tank, and naval battles,you should load him into a battleship. Naval units are very ideal for Gage, because even without battleships, he's useful.

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