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Name NA: Eagle
Army Green Earth
CO Power Lightning Drive
Super CO Power Lightning Strike
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Air Units
Sayings "The Eagle Soars Above You!"


[edit] Background

Eagle is a Green Earth CO and is their Commander-in-Chief. Takes an antagonists' role early in Advance Wars, but becomes one of the strongest allies in the fight against Black Hole and its Commander-in-Chief, Sturm.

At a younger age Eagle joined Green Earth's Air Force to honor his father, who was also an Air Force officer. Leads Green Earth and the citizens of Green Earth hold him in high regards. Despite all of this Eagle has no signs of an ego. He's good friends with Drake, a polar opposite in the units that he uses.

Eagle specializes in using Air Units. Air Units under Eagle's command receive a 15% Increase in Firepower in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2 (20% in Advance Wars: Dual Strike), and in all three games his Air Units will burn up two fewer Units of Fuel per turn.

Over the course of the series Eagle has developed a rivalry with Andy, which all started when a Clone Andy framed Orange Star for Black Hole's offenses on Eagle's homeland. Also during that timeframe he develops a strong relationship with Sami.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] CO Power

[edit] Advance Wars

Eagle uses Lightning Strike as his CO Power in Advance Wars. This CO Power allows all his Non-Infantry units to move a second time in the same turn, but these units receive a firepower and defense penalty. A well-timed Lightning Strike can put the opponent in a position from which they cannot recover from.

[edit] Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (3 Stars)

In this game Eagle uses a different move for his CO Power, called Lightning Drive. This CO Power increases the Attack and Defense of his Air Units by 15% and 20% respectively.

[edit] Advance Wars: Dual Strike (3 Stars)

Lightning Drive returns for Dual Strike, but using the effects of Lightning Strike from Advance Wars. Specifically, Air Units have their attack reduced by 30%, Ground Units lose 40% of their firepower, while Naval Units lose 45% of their already lowered firepower. However, units that are moving for the first time will receive a 10% Increase to their attack and defense.

[edit] Super CO Power (9 Stars)

In both Black Hole Rising and Dual Strike, Lightning Strike allows all Non-Infantry Units to move a second time without a firepower penalty.

[edit] Tips

Air Units don't often enter into play, so Eagle has to rely on his CO Powers to take the upper hand on his opposition. The good news is that Eagle is more than capable of doing that, as the ability to take two turns instead of one is very powerful, even when Air Units aren't in the equation, which equates to the largest movement boosts, not to mention a double-dip on attacking that is amongst the highest firepower boost in the series.

That can potentially give Eagle an insurmountable advantage in terms of position, firepower and Number of Units on the battlefield. Furthermore, his standard CO Power in Dual Strike allows for a hit-and-run strategy to get out of Indirect Combat Unit Range (or enemy range altogether) and/or doubling unit production. Either way, both his CO Power and Super CO Power can put opponents into an unwinnable position.

In a Tag Battle, Eagle is at his best with Sami, a Tag Power combination that can capture properties on Sami's end of the Tag Battle, especially if Transports were utilized to transport Infantry and Mechs to properties several spaces away. This can be a game-changer, possibly a move that could end the battle.

Eagle also performs well in a Tag Battle with Drake, Andy and Jess, but doesn't perform well with Lash or Hawke.

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