Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Advance Wars Dual Strike
AWDS Boxart.jpg
Advance Wars Dual Strike Boxart
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre Turn-based
Theme(s) Military
Release Date(s) NA: August 22, 2005
Europe: September 30, 2005
Australia:Mar 22, 2006
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Saga Original
Players 1-4
Multiplayer Single Cartridge, Link Mode


[edit] Story

Black Hole is back and with a new commander in lead. They are sucking the energy out of Omega Land. Its time for you to end this Black Hole army and stop them once and for all. Black hole needs to be destroyed once and for all. With new friends and amries under your control, its time to end it.

[edit] Missions

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[edit] Characters

[edit] COs

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[edit] Units

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[edit] Whats New

AW:DS featured several new features, including Tagging, Tag Powers, as well as seven new units.
Tagging enabled players to select 2 COs to command their army, and after each turn giving them the option to switch between COs. Once both COs have full meters, they can activate their Tag Power, or Dual Strike, which enables both Super CO Powers to be used, as well as granting them 2 turns.

The dual screen functionality of the Nintendo DS enabled the game to display terrain and unit info without taking up space on the main map or requiring extra keystrokes from the user.

[edit] New Units

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