Wings of Victory! (Sami)

Wings of Victory! (Sami)
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Naval Clash!->Wings of Victory! (Sami)->Battle Mystery!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
3 Tanks
2 Artillery
1 Rockets
2 Anti-Air
1 Missiles
2 Fighters
4 Bombers
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
16 (4 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 5 Neutral)
Drake has reason to believe that Orange Star did not attack Green Earth, and has asked Eagle to take command. Drake wants Eagle to see if his theory holds any water.

Sami, like Andy and Max, wants answers from Eagle as to why Eagle has been following the Orange Star Army, taking command in a Fog of War mission.

[edit] Intel

Wings of Victory! is the 17th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Once again, Sami finds herself battling in Fog of War, this time against Eagle.

Sami has a solid balance to work with while Eagle has more power to work with, especially with a greater number of Air Units to work with.

While this map is similar to Andy's Version of the same mission, the biggest differences are in number of Units in addition to Fog of War being in play.

Capture the Enemy HQ or Rout the enemy to win the day, and more importantly, find out why Eagle has been pursuing Orange Star for most of the game.

[edit] Strategy

This won't be easy due to the Fog, and to make matters worse it's tough to tell if Eagle is going to be aggressive with two of his Bombers or just one. Both of his Fighters will charge, so the challenge will be unit positioning to take the charge and survive.

To this end, there are two different ways of going about this. One is to line up your Units aggressively in which your Recon, Mech and T Copter block the roadway with an Infantry in the Mountains to draw enemy fire, with other Ground Units lining up behind them. On Day 2, surround the majority of his Air Units with a mix of your Ground Units and Air Units whilst attacking his Air Force, continuing the attack on Day 3 after Eagle uses Lightning Strike.

That attack on Day 3 is going to really sting Eagle because of Lightning Strike's firepower and defense penalties, and even more so should Double Time get used. With the frontline of his Air Force downed, you'll just have to worry about the enemy Ground Units making their way through the mountain pass, and the Bombers that hide in both Right corners of the map (1 each). You'll need at least one Fighter Unit with significant health remaining to shoot both down; trying to capture his HQ otherwise would end in failure otherwise.

Once one of the Bombers is down, be sure that his Missiles Unit that is near his HQ so you'll be able to use your Air Units to form a circle around your Infantry whilst it captures the enemy HQ.

The alternate method of dealing with this mission: falling back and letting his Air Units come to you. While this doesn't always work out and you're likely to lose a couple of Units, it'll be harder for Eagle's Air Units to avoid entering firing range, particularly the firing range of your Missiles Unit.

While the same endgame strategy works, trying to Rout Eagle here is not easy due to the fog and number of Units that he has.

Start talking, Eagle. I'm listening. --Sami

The map below shows where Eagle's Units are positioned at the start of the battle.

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