Wings of Victory! (Max)

Wings of Victory! (Max)
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Naval Clash!->Wings of Victory! (Max)->Battle Mystery!
Mission Details
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
3 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
1 Anti-Air
2 Fighters
3 Bombers
4 B Copters
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (3 Orange Star, 8 Green Earth, 5 Neutral)
Drake has been coming up with a theory that Orange Star did not attack Green Earth, and has asked Eagle to take command. Drake wants Eagle to see if his theory holds any water.

Max also wants some answers as to why Eagle has been pursuing them, so he takes command to try and get Green Earth's Air Ace off Andy's case.

[edit] Intel

Wings of Victory! is the 17th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max takes command in this mission against Eagle's Air Force, leading to a head-on collision of power versus power.

There's only one way that Max is going to get answers from Eagle, and that is to Rout all of Eagle's Units!

[edit] Strategy

Eagle always brings lots of Air Units to a battle, but Max brings a lot of firepower! Start by using your Medium Tank to destroy the nearby Tank, moving your Anti-Air one space West of your Medium Tank. Load your Mech onto your APC and Drop the Mech directly behind it, one space North of the just moved Anti-Air. A Tank moving up behind it sets things up for the North end, moving your Infantry North as well.

On the South end, use your Bomber to KO the Medium Tank and a Fighter to destroy an enemy Bomber. The southern Anti-Air should line up directly behind the Bomber, with the Rockets two spaces to the West of this Anti-Air and the Missiles Unit right behind the Rockets. Protect the Missiles on its North side with your B Copter.

The most crucial part of Day 1: when attacking the Fighter Unit that is in range, you'll be better off if it has 2 HP remaining--if it has 3 HP remaining you're going to run into trouble, as Eagle will definitely use Lightning Strike on Day 1. Expect to lose a Unit or two as a result, but don't worry about it because the Technique score on this mission is quite forgiving.

Also, because of the aforementioned damage you'll be able to use your own CO Power, Max Force on the second day. Combine that with the firepower and defense penalty that Eagle's Units take after using Lightning Strike: yeah, Eagle's Units are going to take a lot of damage. In the South, be sure to destroy his remaining Fighter with an Anti-Air Unit, which will allow your Fighter to take down a Bomber.

An Anti-Air will easily dispose of the Bomber that attacked your APC after Eagle's Lightning Strike.

From here, keep pressing the advantage and continue attacking until Eagle is routed!

After the battle, the exchange that Max has with Eagle is similar to the one from Andy's Version of the mission, but with some minor differences.

Now, I want some answers! Why're you hounding Andy?

Don't make Max mad! While Eagle and the Orange Star CO's have laid their cards out on the table, the real reasoning for it all hasn't been revealed yet.

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