Wings of Victory! (Andy)

Wings of Victory! (Andy)
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Naval Clash!->Wings of Victory! (Andy)->Battle Mystery!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
4 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
1 Artillery
1 Rockets
1 Anti-Air
2 Fighters
3 Bombers
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (4 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 5 Neutral)
Drake has been coming up with a theory that Orange Star wasn't the ones who attacked Green Earth, and has asked Eagle to take command. Drake wants Eagle to see if his theory holds any water.

At the same time, Andy wants answers as to why Eagle has been after him all this time.

[edit] Intel

Wings of Victory! is the 17th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Andy is facing Eagle for the third time (second if you chose Max or Sami for Sami's Debut), and is bound and determined to get some answers out of Green Earth's Air Ace.

There's only one way for him to get those answers, and that is to defeat Eagle here. Capture his HQ or Rout his forces to win and find out why Eagle has been pursuing Andy all this time!

[edit] Strategy

You start this mission in a pretty good spot with your Units closer to attack range than Eagle's are. Start by using your Bomber to take out the Tank that's in the road.

While your Ground Units won't be able to advance past the first Mountain Range until the lead Bomber is taken out, you can still have your two Infantry capture the nearby neutral Cities. This can be played in one of two ways. The first way is keep your Air Units back, relying on your Anti-Air and Missiles Units to assist your Fighters in taking down Eagle's Air Units. If your Anti-Air and Missiles can severely damage one of his Fighter Units, both your Fighter Units will survive the air battle and you'll be able to proceed to use both Fighters to clear out the Bombers en route for an HQ Capture.

The other way is to position your Fighters outside of the movement range of the lead enemy Fighter Unit, then destroy it when it moves into range. The other Fighter Unit will do some damage to one of your Fighter Units, but you'll still be able to take them down. This strategy generally works when aiming to Rout Eagle.

What your Bomber will be able to do without fear of retaliation will depend on how you deal with Eagle's Fighters. If you take the aggressive option, you'll only have to worry about the enemy Anti-Air Unit in all likelihood. But when playing defensively, be wary of the movement range of Eagle's Fighters because they'll bring your Bomber down in a hurry!

Either way, if Eagle isn't able to make good use of his CO Power Lightning Strike, you'll be able to counter it with a stronger attack due to the firepower and defense penalty that his Units take.

Once defeated, Eagle and Andy have a heated exchange that puts the cards of both CO's on the table: Andy "apparently" attacked Green Earth according to Eagle, but Andy challenges that by asking "Why would I be out attacking other countries? Why?"

Those answers are soon to be revealed.

It wasn't me! I swear! --Andy

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