Name NA:Will
Army Brenner's Wolves
CO Power Rally Cry Boosts the movment of all direct attack ground units by 2.
CO Zone 2-4
Appears In Days of Ruin
Specialty Boosts the attack of all direct attack ground units.
Sayings "Never give up!"

Will is a former Rubinelle military cadet who joined the 12th Battalion after being rescued by Captain Brenner—whom he idolizes.

Will is often seen as a very dedicated soldier. He convinces Brenner to accept him into Brenner's Wolves despite his inexperience and young age. He also forces Brenner to continue looking into towns, never giving up on the possibility that survivors are still there.

Will eventually takes up the reign of the army with Lin and takes control of the dying world once again, through dedication and perserverance.

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