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OrangeStarBattle Infantry.png OrangeStarField Infantry.png
Infantry (Advance Wars)
BlueMoonField Infantry.png BlueMoonBattle Infantry.png
Defense Information
PlainMark.png 1 WoodMark.png 1 MountainMark.png 2 RiverMark.png 2 RoadMark.png 1 ShoalMark.png 1 SeaMark.png --- ReefMark.png ---
Statistical Information
Gas.png 99/99 Infantry units survive through rations that are slowly depleted over time.
Vision.png 2-5 Though at a default of 3, vision can change based on terrain or upgrades.
Movement.png 3 Movement is limited as an Infantry unit. They cannot cross sea tiles.
Damage Chart
BlueMoonField Infantry.png Infantry 55 BlueMoonField Missile.png Missiles 25
BlueMoonField Mech.png Mech 45 BlueMoonField Fighter.png Fighter ---
BlueMoonField Recon.png Recon 12 BlueMoonField Bomber.png Bomber ---
BlueMoonField Tank.png Tank 5 BlueMoonField Copter.png B Copter 7
BlueMoonField Midtank.png Medium Tank 1 BlueMoonField T-Copter.png T Copter 30
BlueMoonField APC.png APC 14 BlueMoonField Ship.png Battleship ---
BlueMoonField Artillery.png Artillery 15 BlueMoonField Cruiser.png Cruiser ---
BlueMoonField Rocket.png Rockets 25 BlueMoonField Lander.png Lander ---
BlueMoonField Anti-Air.png Anti-Air 5 BlueMoonField Sub.png Submarine ---
YellowCometBattle Infantry.png YellowCometField Infantry.png
GreenEarthBattle Infantry.png GreenEarthField Infantry.png