The Final Battle!

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The Final Battle!

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Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Tanks
3 Medium Tanks
6 Anti-Airs
4 Fighters
4 Bombers
4 B Copters
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
50 (6 Orange Star, 4 Blue Moon, 4 Green Earth/Yellow Comet, 21 Black Hole, 15 Neutral)
13 (2 Orange Star, 2 Blue Moon, 2 Green Earth/Yellow Comet, 4 Black Hole, 3 Neutral)
5 (0 Orange Star, 0 Blue Moon, 0 Green Earth/Yellow Comet, 2 Black Hole, 3 Neutral)
Sonja has gone to analyze the situation and confronts the mastermind behind this conflict. However, she has unknowingly walked right into Sturm's hands and is now in serious danger!

In this mission, you command a total of three CO's, each with their own individual army that includes an assortment of Units except for Andy's. Andy always takes control of the Orange Star forces in this mission.

Andy and company arrive on the scene to stop Sturm and drive him out of Cosmo Land once and for all!


[edit] Intel

The Final Battle! is the 21st mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Sonja doesn't want Andy involved in this, but the mechanical wiz isn't having any of it!

In addition to what Sturm brought to the table in the last mission, he also breaks out his devastating CO Power Meteor Strike. When Sturm uses this CO Power, a giant meteor is called from space, which crashes onto a group of his enemies.

All Units caught in the Meteor's Impact take 8 HP of Damage; unless a Unit is at full health it'll be down to 1 HP just like that!

Sturm is one dangerous opponent. Capture his HQ or Rout all enemy forces to defeat Sturm and drive him from Cosmo Land!

[edit] The Allied Commanders

In this mission, two Commanders join Andy in battle. Who those Commanders are depends on setting a variety of criteria that can be met during the Campaign. In this section how each Commander can be picked for this battle will be mentioned, their Units will be broken down, along with what each CO brings to the table.

[edit] Blue Moon

[edit] Olaf

To unlock Olaf for this battle, you'll need to select Andy for Max Strikes!, which will lead to Olaf's Navy!. Clear Olaf's Navy! by rout to gain access to Olaf's Sea Strike! and you'll be able to use Olaf as your Blue Moon CO.

Olaf uses the following Units:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 2 Medium Tanks
  • 2 Rockets
  • 2 Anti-Airs
  • 2 Missiles

While Olaf uses a balanced attack like Andy under normal conditions, his CO Power Blizzard is the only thing that can negate Sturm's movement advantage as Sturm is weak in the snow! Olaf is the only CO that can take advantage of this, but the ability to slow Sturm down is not to be underestimated!

[edit] Grit

To unlock Grit for this battle, simply select Max for Max Strikes!.

Grit uses the following Units:

  • 2 Infantry
  • 2 Tanks
  • 2 Artillery
  • 2 Rockets
  • 1 Anti-Air
  • 2 Missiles

Grit's Indirect Combat Units will be very helpful, particularly early in the mission when there will be a number of targets to shoot at in the air and on the ground. However Meteor Strike has a tendency to focus on Grit so try to build different Units to draw its focus away from Grit, such as constantly deploying Mechs with Andy.

[edit] Max

Max may be with Orange Star, but Grit will let him take command of his troops provided that Andy was selected for Max Strikes! and Olaf's Navy! was cleared by capturing his HQ.

Max uses the following Units:

  • 2 Infantry
  • 3 Tanks
  • 2 Medium Tanks
  • 4 Anti-Air

Max is meant to do one thing: hit very hard. While he'll struggle with Indirect Combat Units, Max will be able to use his Direct Combat Units with great effect here.

[edit] Green Earth/Yellow Comet

[edit] Drake

Drake will take the field as the third CO if you play as Andy for the missions Captain Drake!, Naval Clash!, Wings of Victory! and Battle Mystery!. He'll use the following Units:

  • 3 Infantry
  • 2 Medium Tanks
  • 2 Anti-Airs
  • 2 Missiles

Drake's strength of a strong Navy won't be useable here because there isn't any Sea for his Navy to function in! However, his CO Power will cause some problems for Sturm, as any of his Units that are on one of his Properties will be repaired for that one HP immediately following the Tsunami. Those repair costs add up, and will limit Sturm in terms of what Units he'll be able to produce that day.

[edit] Kanbei

The Emperor of Yellow Comet will take the battlefield if Kanbei Arrives! was cleared in 8 Days or less, Mighty Kanbei! in 10 Days or less, and Kanbei's Error? in 12 Days or less. While this is also the criteria to unlock Sonja's missions, this is also the criteria to unlock Kanbei in The Final Battle!

In the event that the criteria for using both Drake and Kanbei are met in the same Campaign, then Kanbei will take command.

Kanbei takes the field with the following Units:

  • 1 Recon
  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Medium Tanks
  • 4 Anti-Air

Kanbei's Units will hit extremely hard and can take hits as well! The only downside is the extra production costs, but the damage that Kanbei's Units will do will be devastating!

[edit] Eagle

Green Earth's ace pilot CO will take the field for The Final Battle! if you played through Captain Drake!, Naval Clash!, Wings of Victory! and Battle Mystery! as Sami. This will also unlock one more mission that gets played after this battle, which only takes place when Eagle takes the field for this battle.

In the event that the criteria for using both Eagle and Kanbei are met in the same Campaign, then it will be Eagle that takes command.

Eagle will use the following Units:

  • 1 Infantry
  • 2 Medium Tanks
  • 2 Anti-Air
  • 2 Fighters
  • 1 Bomber
  • 2 B Copters

The bad news is that you don't have an Airport under Eagle's control at the start of the battle. There is one that can be captured, and if Eagle can get a full Air Force going he'll be a massive help in winning the battle! It takes a bit of time to pull off, and it's time that you may or may not necessarily have.

[edit] Sami

Drake will allow Sami to use some of his troops in The Final Battle if none of the other criteria were met for this mission. Sami uses the following Units:

  • 3 Infantry
  • 3 Mechs
  • 2 Tanks
  • 2 Anti-Air
  • 2 Missiles

While Sami will be best at capturing Properties, in terms of Direct Combat her Units won't do a lot of damage. She won't be easy to utilize but if she has a chance at taking Sturm's HQ, then go for it!

[edit] Strategy

The base of your strategy is going to run through Andy's front at the outset. For the first few days Andy just needs to do one thing: hang in there whilst repulsing the initial wave of Sturm's troops. If Andy's front is defeated within the first several days, you'll want to restart the mission from scratch because Sturm will proceed to defeat the remaining two Commanders.

Regardless of the other two Commanders, there will be some consistency with what happens on Day 1: have Andy's Infantry capture the neutral Airport and Base. These will help increase the funds that Andy gets. Also have Andy's Infantry take the Neutral Cities to the South--he'll need the funds early on in the battle.

In all likelihood Andy will need help to repel Sturm's first wave. This is where his Allies come into play. On Day 1 your goal is to draw Sturm's Fighters and Bombers so they'll be within attack range of your Anti-Airs, Missiles, and Fighters can cause damage to Sturm's Air Force on Day 2.

A cluster of units will be targeted whenever Sturm uses Meteor Strike. The best way to draw it away from the bulk of your attacking force is to keep a cluster of Infantry and Mechs on hand, which has a great tendency to get targeted when Meteor Strike comes into play. This way, you won't have to spread your Units around every time Sturm's CO Power Meter fills up.

Once you turn the tide, keep pressing the advantage until Sturm's HQ is captured or all of his troops are Routed, which will force the Black Hole Army into a full retreat from Cosmo Land!

If Eagle is the CO to Andy's right, there will be one more Bonus mission to play. Otherwise that's the end of the Campaign!

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