A Tank is the first vehicle unit that the player is introduced to in Advance Wars. A tank is a solid unit, and is very helpful for rushing while the opponent does not have enough units to counter. In the first game, the tank has a second form, the Mid Tanks.

In the second game, Neotanks are introduced, which surpasses Mid Tanks in firepower. Finally, Megatanks are introduced in Dual Strike. In Days of Ruin, Mid Tanks are kept, but Neotanks are dropped, and the Megatank is replaced by the Wartank.

[edit] Tank

Tanks cost 7,000G to deploy from Bases, and have a movement range of six. They have a vision range of 3, which is helpful during a Fog of War mission.

In battle, all tanks are weak to the Mech unit, but tanks are strong enough to seriously damage a Mech with the first attack, as long as they are the attacker.

Offensively, Tanks do well against all Ground-based units except for Mid Tanks and stronger. Tanks can also fire on Naval Units, but they won't do much damage.

In Days of Ruin, Tanks are made weaker by the introduction of the Anti-Tank, an Indirect Combat unit that can counter-attack from one space away.

[edit] Tips

While tanks are relatively inexpensive, they're effective at causing damage to most Ground units other than stronger Tanks. They can run a variety of roles, from attacking enemy positions to supporting stronger units, including attacking Anti-Air units to support allied Air Units. Tanks aren't as durable as their stronger versions, so don't let them get flanked or trapped.

Unlike Mid Tanks and the Wartank, Tanks won't do well against B Copters.

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