T Copter

The T Copter, or Transport Copter is a Copter Unit that can carry one Infantry or Mech Unit over any terrain type. Unlike an APC a T Copter won't supply any adjacent units.

Transport Copters cost 5,000G each, and like other Transport Units if it is destroyed with a unit on board that unit is also lost. T Copters can only load and unload Infantry and Mech units on terrain that they can traverse.

[edit] Tips

While T Copters have their advantages over an APC, keep in mind that APCs are necessary to keep your forces supplied. A good balance would be advisable.

T Copters take a lot of damage if shot at, and they won't survive an attack from Anti-Air, Missiles, B Copters, Fighters, Cruisers or Carriers. That said, support is necessary to keep your T Copters in the air.

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