Sonja's Goal!

Sonja's Goal!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
1 Mech
4 Tanks
1 Artillery
2 Rockets
1 Fighter
1 Bomber
2 B Copters
1 Battleship
1 Cruiser
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
18 (4 Orange Star, 9 Yellow Comet, 5 Neutral)

After defeating Sonja and not getting any answers, Sami catches up to Andy is really fired up! Max is still asleep, so it's up to a just-awoken Andy to battle against Sonja.

Andy best not lose this battle, or else Sami won't be happy at all!

[edit] Intel

Boy... Sami's scary when she's mad. --Andy

Sonja's Goal! is the 14th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max is still out cold and Sami's not happy about the situation at all.

On this map, in addition to being in a Fog of War situation for the third straight battle, you're dealing with a greater number of Air Units as well as a Navy that matches you in Units and balance.

You start with 17 Units compared to Sonja's 16, but you have three Transport Units and she'll have Indirect Combat Units hiding in the woods as well.

Capture the HQ or Rout all Forces to defeat Sonja and finally get Sami some answers about what's going on!

[edit] Strategy

First and foremost, your Lander will slow you down, so avoid using it for transporting Units to the opposite shore. Push all your Ground Units forward, but don't pass the Mountain next to the second pair of your Cities or else they'll get shot at by a waiting B Copter. Keep your Indirects surrounded so the enemy Bomber can't target them.

At sea, move your Battleship one space North and 3 spaces East, leapfrogging it from one Reef to the next. Move the Cruiser next to your submerged Submarine

Day 2: Continue the advance with the Navy, moving your Battleship into the Reef that's four spaces East. Move the Cruiser to where the Battleship started and hide your Lander in the Reef. By Day 3 her Battleship should be in firing range of your Submarine, and possibly your own Battleship--those two attacks will sink it.

When you draw an enemy B Copter out, be ready to attack it with an Anti-Air or Missiles; both will take it out. Once you ascertain where Sonja's Units are hiding on the peninsula, follow up with strong attacks to take them out. Use your Cruiser to damage her Bomber if that opportunity arises.

Keep pushing to Sonja's HQ and capture it to win the day! Be wary of Indirect Combat Units as you advance!

From here, the version of Captain Drake that you play depends on the CO: Andy, Max, or Sami.

This map below shows where the opposing Yellow Comet forces start.

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