Sami's Debut!

Sami's Debut!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
3 Tanks
2 Fighters
3 Bombers
4 B Copters
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
19 (3 Orange Star, 10 Green Earth, 6 Neutral)

This mission introduces Sami, an Orange Star CO who excels at using Infantry and Mech Units, along with having a +1 Movement for all Transports. Her Infantry and Mechs can also capture Properties 50% faster! She doesn't do well with other Direct Combat Units however.

In this game her CO Power Double Time increases the movement range of her Infantry and Mechs by 1 and allows them to ignore movement costs on all terrain. It isn't the strongest CO Power in this game but it can make a difference in a tight spot!

This would also be your third consecutive Fog of War mission if you sank all Naval Units in Olaf's Navy! and cleared Olaf's Sea Strike!. Otherwise this will be your second straight Fog of War battle.

[edit] Intel

Sami's Debut! is the eighth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Sami joins Andy and Max, apologizing for being late because her last mission went long.

She also provides some intel: Blue Moon forces heading towards Yellow Comet. For what reason is unknown but then mysterious forces appear on the horizon. The group has run into Eagle and his independent battalion for a second time.

This time you get a choice of three CO's, which is the way most missions will be going forward: Andy, Max or Sami.

Something to remember: Forests and Reefs do not hide Air Units during Fog of War.

Capture the enemy HQ or Rout all Green Earth forces to put Eagle on the retreat!

[edit] Strategy

This mission can differ greatly from playthrough to playthrough, so keep that in mind.

A few things will differ on your outcome strategy depending on what CO you pick for this mission. If you choose Max you'll likely want to go for a Rout; if you choose Sami you'll want to try for his HQ. Andy could really go for either one.

Regardless, on Day 1 you'll be able to attack and destroy two B Copters with a combination of an Anti-Air and two B Copters of your own. Don't leave your Anti-Airs exposed because they'll be needed to win this battle!

Move everything else North along the road on Day 1 and move your Fighter back into a defensive position. You're going to need that Unit to help clear enemy Air Units out--you don't want to lose that Unit too early!

Also, keep your Missiles safe as you advance them--until Eagle's Air Units are defeated you'll need that Unit to bring down enemy Air Units. If you lose your Anti-Air defenses you'll want to Yield to restart this mission.

As you advance and take down Eagle's Air Units be advised that he also has some Tank Units parked in the road as Ground Support.

Capture the HQ or defeat all of Eagles Units to win the mission! On a side note, each CO that you play as will have their own different things to say to Eagle.

Below is how the map looks without Fog of War.

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