Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
24 (4 Orange Star, 11 Green Earth, 9 Neutral)
10 (4 Orange Star, 4 Green Earth, 2 Neutral)
5 (2 Orange Star, 2 Green Earth, 1 Neutral)
Sturm has been defeated and sent packing from Cosmo Land, but for those who entered The Final Battle! with Eagle as one of their Allied Commanders, one final challenge awaits.

Eagle has challenged Andy to one final battle, a bonus mission to close out Advance Wars' Campaign Mode!

[edit] Intel

Rivals! is the 22nd and final mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. This mission is accessed by playing as Sami when clearing Captain Drake!, Naval Clash!, Wings of Victory! and Battle Mystery!.

By going this route you'll select Eagle as one of your Allied Commanders in The Final Battle. Not only does this unlock Eagle in Battlemaps once you complete the Campaign, you'll also unlock this extra mission!

While you start with an even number of Units, Eagle's are within range to Capture both Neutral Bases and the Neutral Airport.

Against Eagle, the battle's never easy. Capture his HQ or Rout all his forces to win the challenge!

[edit] Strategy

This mission's full of its own challenges. Start by building two T Copters, then having your Mechs Load onto the new Units. These T Copters can either be heading directly for Eagle's HQ, in which case you'll want to deploy two more T Copters and a second Infantry, or Drop the two Mechs on the nearby island for the purpose of capturing the Neutral Cities.

If you're going for a quick HQ Capture, you'll want to keep deploying Infantry and T Copters to ensure that you'll be able to take HQ quickly. It's a bit of a gamble, but if it doesn't work you can always restart the mission.

If you're going for a battle, you'll want to Drop the two Mechs on the nearby Islands on Day 2 so they'll begin Capturing the Neutral Cities on Day 3. Send the two T Copters back to HQ at this point and deploy nothing further on Day 2 so you'll be able to deploy a Fighter on Day 3, and by doing the same thing you'll be able to deploy a second Fighter on Day 5.

The Fighters will be responsible for keeping the skies clear. Don't hesitate to deploy more if necessary as the battle progresses, and you may have to deploy a B Copter or Bomber to attack certain Ground Units, including enemy Indirect Combat Units that focus on Ground Units.

After Day 5 you'll want to start deploying some Ground Units. Deploy two Tanks on Day 6, then two Artillery the following Day to back them up. Don't forget to deploy two APC's at some point to keep your Units Supplied with Fuel and Ammo.

Eventually you'll want to deploy Medium Tanks and Rockets. The Medium Tanks will hold the bridges and narrow parts of the map, lined up with Artillery and Rockets behind them for covering fire. The Flying Column is very effective here against the Ground Units.

While you'll be deploying Units, Eagle will be doing the same as well. It isn't a bad idea to deploy Anti-Air Units as well--in addition to being great against Air Units they'll cause considerable damage to Eagle's Infantry Units.

As you march towards Green Earth HQ, you'll have two ways to finish the battle. You can either try to take out all his forces, or you can try to Capture his HQ by landing an Infantry or Mech near his HQ via T Copter, then surrounding that Unit with four of your Air Units to ensure that Eagle can't stop you. The Boxed Wagon is great for securing Properties in hot zones, and enemy HQ is definitely no exception to that!

Keep battling and don't give up!

I lost again. You're a tough one. --Eagle

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