Recon units are invaluable assets to have, as they can travel up to 8 spaces on a road and are invaluable to have in Fog of War in particular. Their vision range of +5 is tied with Missile units for the widest range amongst Ground units.

Recon Units do their best against Infantry, Indirect Combat Units, APC's with some firepower capabilities against T Copters. While Recon units will cause significant damage to Mechs, if the Mechs shoot first the Recon Units will take a lot of damage instead.

Recon Units cost 4,000G to deploy.

[edit] Tips

Keep your Recon Units safe during Fog of War, keeping them hidden in the Woods so opposing units won't know their location right away during Fog of War. These are best served as support units for Artillery, Rockets and Medium Tanks so they'll be able to dish out some heavy damage.

Outside of Fog of War, Recon Units best serve the purpose of Infantry Disruption, which will cause said units to take longer to capture any properties.

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