Name NA: Rachel
Army Orange Star
CO Power Lucky Lass
Super CO Power Covering Fire
Appears In Dual Strike
Specialty Repairing Units at Bases


[edit] Background

Rachel is a young Orange Star CO who strives to follow in the footsteps of her older sister Nell. She takes the place of her older sister as the player's advisor in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and is one of the CO's that can be used from early on in the campaign. Her logistics team works hard, and as a result when Rachel is in command her units recover 3HP at their respective bases.

[edit] CO Power

[edit] Lucky Lass (3 Stars)

Taking a page from her older sister's playbook, Rachel's Luck increases, allowing her units to do an additional 40% damage at most. Plus, her units receive at 10% Offense and Defense increase.

[edit] Covering Fire (6 Stars)

Three Missiles are fired from Omega Land HQ at enemy targets, which can be devastating on small maps such as Spann Island. Her Units also receive a 10% Increase in Offense and Defense. The following is how those missiles target enemy units:

  • Missile One will target the biggest group of Infantry/Mechs that it can find. Priority is given to Infantry that are trying to capture a City, Base or Port.
  • Missile Two targets by doing the most damage in funds that it can, a calculation that is reduced if Rachel's own troops would be caught in the blast.
  • Missile Three will do the most HP damage that is possible. In the event of a tie, this missile will do the most damage in terms of funds. For example if there are four Tank units and there are four B Copter units, the B Copters will take the hit. HP that Rachel's own troops would lose as a result of getting caught in the blast is subtracted from this calculation as well.

[edit] Tips

Rachel's extra HP recovery on bases is great to have, but keep in mind that this also takes additional funds for repairing units each turn. While this can speed up repairing units, this could also limit what units and how many units can be deployed on that turn.

In a Tag Battle, Rachel is at her best with Nell or Jake, but does not perform well with Koal at all, a Tag Battle combination that has the lowest rating in the game at 65%.

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