Oozium 238 was an experimental unit created by Black Hole. The unit consisted of a ball-shaped brain inside a tough ooze-like body. While Oozium could only move one space per turn, even with Eagle's CO Powers, it could move on any terrain except sea and reefs. It was also tough, often needing several units to destroy it. Any unit it touched was instantly eliminated.


[edit] Campaign

Oozium debuted in the Campaign Mission Into the Woods, a Fog of War mission. Oozium units appear in all missions thereafter except for Dark Ambition, but are more prevalent in some missions. Muck Amok, for example, features a swarm of Oozium trying to stop Hawke and Lash from escaping.

In the final mission Means to an End, in addition to having multiple Oozium units to mow down, a ginormous Oozium called the Grand Bolt sits at the North end of the battlefield. It generates Oozium units every few days, and those Oozium units will move after being generated, putting anything within two spaces of the Grand Bolt's three weak points at risk of becoming lunch.

Complete the Mission Crystal Calamity to unlock Oozium for purchase in Haichi's Shop for Design Maps mode.

[edit] Combat Info

[edit] Strengths

Offensively, Oozium is strong against all units, capable of destroying them instantly (but only if the CO is careless enough to leave them next to an Oozium at the end of their turn.)

Oozium is also very strong defensively, taking very little damage from even the most powerful units. It takes multiple attacks to bring an Oozium unit down without losing any of your own units.

Oozium are also immune to attacks from a Missile Silo, an explosion from a Black Bomb, and the damage-related effects of CO Powers.

[edit] Weaknesses

Infantry, Mech, Recon, Anti-Air, Rockets, B Copter, Bomber, Stealth Fighter, and any tank unit from a Medium Tank upward in terms of firepower perform well against Oozium, but it normally takes a coordinated effort of multiple units to bring an Oozium unit down unscathed in normal conditions without relying on indirect combat.

Oozium are incapable of moving over the sea, giving Battleship Units a defacto advantage due to safe distance and damage, along with giving ships at sea a safe haven from this unit unless the unit is docked at a Seaport with an Oozium unit right next to the port.

[edit] Tips

When using Oozium in Multiplayer, try to surround units so they won't have a means of escape, then let the Oozium close in and do the rest.

Multiple attacks from multiple units are required to destroy Oozium in a direct combat situation. Don't try to take it out with one attack from a Megatank because that unit will just get consumed.

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