Olaf's Sea Strike!

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Olaf's Sea Strike!

Olaf's Navy!->Olaf's Sea Strike!->Sami's Debut!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Easy
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Tanks
1 Artillery
1 Rockets
3 Battleships
1 Cruiser
1 Lander
2 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
6 (2 Orange Star, 3 Blue Moon, 1 Neutral)

This is the first mission of the Campaign that can be skipped, provided that Olaf's Navy wasn't destroyed in Olaf's Navy!. Under these circumstances this mission would be bypassed and the mission that would follow Olaf's Navy! in this case would be Sami's Debut!, where the line of missions merge into one.

This would also be your second consecutive Fog of War mission if you sank all Naval Units in Olaf's Navy!

[edit] Intel

Olaf's Sea Strike! is the seventh mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Olaf is outraged that his Navy was destroyed, and in retaliation has launched his Sea Strike in another Fog of War mission.

Once again, Andy and Max are your choices for CO, so the question now becomes which attribute do you want to use: Max's Direct Combat firepower at the sacrifice of Indirect Combat Range and Power; or do you go with Andy because he's balanced and can restore 2 HP with Hyper Repair? Both are fine choices here.

This time the forces at sea are slightly in your favor at 8-7, but Fog of War can be an equalizing factor if one isn't careful!

Capture the enemy HQ or Rout all Blue Moon forces, but don't lose your Landers!

[edit] Strategy

First things first: since you don't have an APC deployed for this mission, proceed with caution, especially since cancelled moves will reduce a Unit's Fuel in a Fog of War mission, and without an APC to resupply your Units those cancelled moves could become very costly here.

On Day 1, move your North Submarine 4 spaces East and your South Submarine 1 space North and 4 spaces East, having both Submarines Dive. This will expose two enemy Battleships. Your South Battleship should stand pat as it is safe where it is, while your North Battleship can move 2 spaces East of where your North lander starts. Move the North Cruiser one space North of the North Battleship and the South Cruiser one space South and East of the same Battleship.

Load your Landers up with your Medium Tank, both Tanks and a Mech or Infantry. These Landers can line up safely behind the North Battleship and North Cruiser. Olaf should play right into your hands here and move his Battleships, at least one Submarine and his Cruiser into view; your Units will be poised to strike on Day 2 if he plays it this way.

Be careful leapfrogging Landers while Submarines are in the area--you might park next to one. Hopefully you will have moved nothing prior to that, so you'll be able to use a Cruiser on each Submarine, which will destroy it if Max is in command while Andy will leave it seriously wounded.

Under Max's command you won't have a shot at Olaf's Cruiser if it's six spaces away, but Andy will. At this point if you can scramble your other Lander out of the range of Olaf's Battleship, do it because by this time he should be ready to use Blizzard.

If everything went according to plan the Naval Units that moved into view on Olaf's Day 1 should be destroyed by Day 3 except his Lander and Northernmost Battleship. However, some Units on and near the island will have to be destroyed in order to advance. Send a Battleship and Submarine to the Southern end of the island to recon what's there, and send the other Battleship and Submarine North to locate and destroy the remaining Battleship and Lander.

The Battleships will also be needed to provide covering fire for Indirect Combat Units that will be looking to pick off your landing forces--use submerged Submarines near the Forests to find them and Battleships to blast them.

Once the landing zones are cleared, land your Tanks and Troops to finish the job, either by HQ Capture or Rout.

After defeating Olaf here, he will order Grit to stop the Orange Star Army, but since Olaf didn't leave him anything to look with, he decided to follow his boss to see what he can find out.

The plot thickens...

With the mission completed, up next is Sami's Debut!, but below here is a map of how the level would look without Fog of War.

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