Naval Forces

Naval Forces
Naval Forces.png

Dogfights->Naval Forces->Climate Status
Mission Details
Capture Enemy HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
3 Medium Tanks
2 Rockets
1 Battleship
1 Cruiser
3 Landers
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
6 (3 Orange Star, 3 Blue Moon, 0 Neutral)

This mission introduces Naval Units, along with their mechanics as to how they function on the battlefield.

[edit] Intel

Naval Forces is the eleventh mission of Advance Wars' Field Training Mode. You start with 18 Units compared to Olaf's 13. Your force is more balanced than Olaf's, which is poised to cause a lot of damage if he gets the chance. However you also have a severely damaged T Copter, which isn't likely to survive another attack.

This mission is the first time that you get to use Naval Units. Also, you must protect two Units from being destroyed: a T Copter and a Lander.

[edit] Strategy

Everything involving Naval Units through the first two turns is pre-determined, which will sink Olaf's Submarine and leave his Battleship heavily damaged. When you can decide how to spend the end of your day, move your Rockets unit to the nearby shoal, which will cover the bridge. Move the B Copter as far east as it can. The combined units should leave both Rockets units destroyed.

Send your Lander back for an APC loaded with Infantry or Mech and the Artillery unit on Day 2, but watch out for the enemy Battleship's range. Once the Battleship is gone you'll be able to block the bridge with your Medium Tank without fear of taking retaliatory damage, backed with Artillery, Rockets and (eventually) your Battleship.

Once the enemy Cruiser is gone you'll be able to Drop your (damaged) T Copter from your Cruiser and then load it up with an Infantry or Mech to try and take Blue Moon's HQ if you have the chance! If the opportunity doesn't present itself, use your balanced attack to finish off Blue Moon forces in the area!

An A Rank is the highest rank that can be obtained during Field Training missions.

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